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November 12th marked the return of the Juno award winning (2002) Canadian Rock Band Default to Ottawa

Default formed in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1999. The hard rock band has sold more than 1 million records and released 4 albums.

Their hit single “Wasting My Time” provided them with brief mainstream success in the US but the majority has been in Canada.

The Band

They split up in 2013 after taking a break from their 4th album. Dallas Smith went on to start a solo career in country music where he was quickly gaining popularity.

In fact, several people I’ve spoken to only knew him from his country side. I personally have all of the Default CDs and still to this day have them on a playlist.

Default Reunion

In 2018 they got the original band back together and made their way across
the country on tour. They stopped in at Algonquin College to rock out with the crowd in the National Capital.

Dallas SmithDanny Craig, Jeremy Hora and Dave Benedict sounded like they haven’t missed a beat after all this time. They played tracks like Throw it all awayCount on Me, Deny and of course Wasting My Time.

Dallas reminisced about playing some of these signature tracks in Ottawa in the past

The Band had a small meet and greet before they show started. Die-hard fans got to spend a few minutes with the guys and get some pictures or autographs.

Overall it was a great show with lots of great tunes being played and space on stage to rock out.

I have to say this is one of the few bands I’ve experienced that sound similar live as they do on a CD without all the production value.

Dallas Smith even enjoyed the night. He even reported my Instagram post and commented that he loved playing the old songs in Ottawa and that everyone sang along.

Looking forward to more from these guys and also Dallas Smith and his trip into Country music.

Check out a full album of photos here

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