Alessia Cara

Alessia Cara, the Canadian icon, took the stage in the nation’s capital on Saturday Night at the National Art Centre. This was the opening night of “The Pains of Growing Tour” which is celebrating her newest release.

Alessia Cara Live

Alessia Cara – Early years

The Brampton native started her music career back in 2014 and released her first single “Here”. The track hit 19 on Canadian Hot 100 charts and was also considered a sleeper hit in the United States. Her debut album titled “Know-it all” hit number 9 on Canadian Hot 100 and 8 on Billboard 100 which helped launch her into the spot light.

The Nation Art Centre is the venue for tonight, and this was my first time shooting this spot so I was interested to see how it would play out.

Ryland James

Ryland James got the crowd going by kicking off the night. The Canadian singer-songwriter played his hits such as, “Good To You” and “Say Goodbye”. His stage presence and his backline are very fitting with the music and really brought his performance to life. He interacted just the right amount with the fans and made sure to involved them in his performance.

Alessia Cara – Main event

9 PM arrived and the crowd was silent and patiently waiting for Alessia. The curtain opened and she appeared, starting with the first song, “Growing Pains“. The lights lit up with 3 massive LED screens making the stage appear as a bedroom. She dressed the stage with a bed and a couch to get the full effect. 

The Canadian singer, songwriter and instrumentalist played her greatest hits such as, “Here“, “Wild Things” and “Stay“. Ottawa got to witness a special moment on her 6th song of the night, as she allows a fan to step on stage and sing with her during her performance of “My Kind“. 

Alessia Cara really puts her all into her performances and it really shows with energy and personality on stage. You can tell why she is where she is and just what her fans see in her with the caliber she puts on stage.

This was my first time seeing her live and I can promise you it will not be my last. 

For more photos click the link to view the album

Alessia Cara Album

Alessia Cara - Tour Poster
Alessia Cara – Tour Poster
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