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Alter Bridge in Toronto

Alter Bridge in Toronto and brought their melodic and modern hard rock on Saturday night as they hosted a sold-out crowd at History. Pawns & Kings, a classic, ever-so-polished hard rock album that can attract new fans and also appeal to the band’s faithful rocked the room in Toronto’s east side. A crowd of young and old beckoned with excitement to welcome back their band after a few long years since last bestowing this city with their riff-laden melodies and pure hard rock bliss.

Establishing a sound

Ripping straight into “Silver Tongues”, the group was up to the task of responding to every bit of the crowd’s energy and did they ever bring it. You could tell moving through the set list, this show has a luster and completeness only brought about by bands that understand their material inside and out. Myles breathlessly led his bandmates across the entire discography, with older tracks in tune with the band’s roots as they stood tirelessly in front of an elegant display of strobes and lighting. Occasionally slowing it down for an intimate acoustic performance of “Watch Over You” and “In Loving Memory”, the crowd’s appetite to see the group’s passion for songwriting was insatiable. 

Up to the occasion

History is not the first place you think of hosting a band that would better be suited for a stadium. What they did with that room is astounding and the impeccable quality of audio that History is known for ensured their presence was felt from front to back. “Metalingus” proved that as soon as the drums hit, we were in for a whirlwind circulating through the stage which offered each member the to show off their potential.

Toronto has always had a viable scene for the heavy, unrelenting riffs produced by bands who simply like to be loud. Alter Bridge, on the other hand, has shown that a rock show can contain the intricacies of a dynamic set and showcase the group’s strength over the years. 

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