Antoni Porowski

Handy-man. Uncertain. Photographer. Stalker. These are not the typical words used to describe Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski. Wednesday night at the Algonquin Commons Theatre, the Food and Wine expert gave us an emotionally captivating and raw look into his life.

An Evening with Antoni Porowski 

Antoni gives us an uncompromised look into the hilarious on-set antics of the Fab 5. Blaming it on the edit, the ups and downs of dealing with such varying personalities, he talks frankly with the audience about his chosen family. After getting vulnerable and opening up about his struggles with mental health, An Evening with Antoni Porowski felt more akin to having a night in with your best friend rather than sitting in a near sold out auditorium.

Earnest and genuine to his core, Antoni Porowski speaks of his childhood and his meteoric rise to fame with unbridled joy and melancholy. Unsurprisingly Antoni is most passionate while boasting of the food scene and fond memories of international cuisine he was able to partake while living in Montreal, Quebec.

Antoni candidly humble-brags about his new book Antoni in the Kitchen and gets misty-eyed talking about some of the heroes that have left lasting impressions while remaining teasingly tight-lipped about his upcoming projects (coming out soon he promises). Antoni Porowski is also bluntly honest about staying true to his online brand and stressed the importance of being true to your word.

Cooking with Antoni Porowski 

Concluding the show with a quick and comedic cooking demo, Antoni helps an audience member prepare a dish (and no, not guacamole!) while swapping embarrassing allergy stories while teaching both unseasoned and veteran cooks tips of the trade. The balance of flavors in the dish is mirrored with how Antoni believes and respects the power that food can have and bring to those we keep close.

It is truly a rare sight to see someone practice what they preach with the feverish intensity that Antoni possesses. When asked what he hoped the audience would take away with them after this evening, Antoni imparted the importance of how your actions and positivity can impact the world around you. If An Evening with Antoni Porowskiteaches us anything, it’s the power of owning your voice, and the importance of good food, and good friends. 

Article by: Blake Thibault Gilmore

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