So Cam’ron stopped by Ottawa on the Purple Haze Anniversary Tour celebrating 15 years. I was excited for this one because there is nothing like a night of old school hip-hop to get ready for the week ahead. The Diamond Mine Agency always brings in some of the best shows and we are so happy to partner with them on a lot of these event.

Being on the scene since the early 90s, Cam’ron has become a seasoned vet with amazing tracks that still hold power to this day. Anyone who is a true fan of old school hip-hop will for sure have some tracks in their playlists. Having records hit platinum and single charting on Billboard Hot 100 isn’t the only thing he is well known for. With a handful of films under his belt Cam’ron is also a seasoned vet on the screen.

Local Openers

Starting out the night at Barrymore’s was a handful of select Ottawa locals on deck to get the party started for Cam’ron. The crowd was slow to fill up but when Selekwa started things out more and more people started pouring in. Up next is Vante Poems who started out solo. He was joined by Micha for a track and then Jonny Brown. Last but not least is Spitten Image who made sure to get the crowd on their feet and fill up the floor.


The floor was full, and it was time for Killa Cam to hit the stage and the crowd was ready. The lights dimmed and the track started, and the fans erupted. Cam’ron hit the stage with his crew and started in. By this time the venue was full, and people filled the floor. Old school hip-hop heads collectively bobbed their heads as he went through his set list played some of his classic tracks. Some of my personal favs are Hey Ma and Oh Boy which still to this day hold steady on my hip-hop play list.

Cam’ron had to take off pretty quickly after the show, so he didn’t do a meet and greet or anything like that, but he did say he planned on coming back to town before the end of the year because has working on stuff. I had a great time and I know everyone else left happy. Looking forward to next round!

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