Theory of a Deadman

Theory of a Deadman came to town. The months of January, February and March are always typically a little slower for concerts I have found especially leading up to spring and festival season. It’s always nice to have a good show to distract yourself with on these boring winter days. Theory of a Deadman, or Theory as they also go by, stopped by Ottawa and the Bronson Center on the Say Nothing World Tour and brought along W3APONS for the ride.


Opening for Theory of a Deadman, W3APONS is a Saskatoon-based rock back active on the scene since 2018. Relatively new to the world, this rock trio plays like seasoned pros on the stage and have some pretty catchy tunes. This is the first time seeing these guys and it was a pretty good introduction. Thankfully the lighting wasn’t too bad which made for some have decent shooting options. They played some of their well-known tunes like Off the Top of my Head and She Was the One. They made sure to get the crowd in the right mood. I would for sure like to see these guys again if they came to town.

Theory of a Deadman

The headliners for the night – Theory of a Deadman. Active on the scene since 2001 these guys have craved their own path and made a mark on Canadian Rock music for years. With 7 albums under their belts, Theory of a Deadman has but nominated for a bunch of awards. They have won a JUNO and sever SOCAN awards along the way. Starting out the night with Lowlife they grabbed the fans attention right away.

One of my favs was Bitch Came Back. That track is just kind of fun and you can’t help but enjoy the beat and the crowd was going pretty wild the whole time. The track History of Violence was pretty amazing to hear also as that is one of the newest singles. They guys played through a 15 song set list. There was a mixed bag of old and new tracks, all of which you made you remember each and every time you first heard them. They ended the night off with some classics in RX and Bad Girlfriend for an encore.

One of the cool points of the night is the fact they had charity pins for sale. There were significant for the prevention of domestic violence. They actually sold out of them by the end of the night. Theory of a Deadman always puts on a good show and W3APONS for sure came out of there with some new fans. Looking forward to the next time these guys are back.

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