Bad Child

Bad Child started off his tour with Poesy last night here in Ottawa. Algonquin College Observatory plays host to the first night of the tour and on Halloween of all days. For those who haven’t been, the Observatory at Algonquin is their own local pub. They have the occasional show here to bring in a little something different from time to time. This is a perfect venue for a nice intimate show.

Things started off a little late because Poesy and her band had some van troubles on the way to Ottawa. Luckily they were able to get something sorted out. They made their way to the show for a quick sound check.


Now some people don’t know but Poesy was actually a winning artist on the CTV show The Launch. The Ontario native pulled out a win on the 4th episode of the hit TV show with her powerful vocals and amazing presence. She just released her EP Glass Box Confessional shortly before starting up this new tour with Bad Child. This was a new side of Poesy as she now was working with a full band.

The place wasn’t sold out but it certainly made for a much more intimate show. Poesy hit the stage wearing a striped suit paying homage to Beetlejuice since it was Halloween after all. It’s always a little nerve wracking playing to a smaller crowd vs a bigger one but she certainly didn’t let that affect her show.

She rocked out with new tracks from her EP and the crowd became hypnotized. The first thing you notice about her is just how beautiful she is in person but you are quickly pulled into her vocal performance. I have to say this is one artist I think sounds better live then she does on a digital track. She has such amazing vocal talent and demands a presence on stage. I got to spend a few minutes with her after her set and she is such a laid back down to earth person. If I wasn’t already a fan of hers I couldn’t help but be one now.

Bad Child x Poesy

Bad Child

Next up is the headliner Bad Child. I personally don’t know as much about Bad Child but I know he is developing a following for himself. He moved to Toronto to work on his music and has started to see some success as he grows into his sound. Bad Child was at this year’s Bluesfest but I wasn’t able to check him out unfortunately so this was going to be a great opportunity.

The crowd was a little more filled out now. This was nice to see and he made sure they all came up to the stage for the start of his set. He started out things with his signature track Bad Child which got the crowds attention right away. First thing I noticed is his stage presence. Even with a smaller stage to work with he made sure to take advantage of every inch he had. He was very dynamic and you could feel the emotion in his music.  

I was excited to see this show for sure. Bad Child and Poesy are certainly going to have a fun tour and I wish them all the best.

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