3MFrench Ft. Bvlly

CapCityHiphop brings 3MFrench and Bvlly to The 27 Club in Ottawa. It was a small venue but the crowd was full of energy! The DJ for the night was DJ Alive who was playing great music throughout the night to keep the crowd pumped for the show. They had some cool green, pink and blue lights flashing for some added effects, a nice bar and an overall good vibe. Definitely one of the nicer clubs I’ve been to.

Ottawa Locals

Ottawa locals came out to start out the night with four opening acts for 3MFrench. These artists always know how to get the night going. Each one of the openers brought energy to the stage. They all know how to rock out and get the crowd going in each their own ways. Some of the stand outs for the night are Apollo Rae who is up and coming. He knows how to use a stage to get the crowd hyped. Hai$a was the last opener and also another stand out for the night. She hits the stage with lots of energy and the crowd just feeds off of it all.


After the openers finished Bvlly took to the stage and had the crowd instantly! From Toronto, Bvlly makes rap/hip hop music, along with 3MFrench. He played a few of his signature songs solo and got the crowd moving. After a few of these songs 3MFrench joined him on stage and rock out No Light Bag. The fans went crazy and immediately started to rap along. He gave off an amazing energy and involved the crowd by grabbing their hands and taking their phones to take videos on Snapchat. He even took a few on mine! Overall he’s a great performer. He put on a great show, I even had the pleasure of hanging out with him after. He’s a super humble person and very passionate about his work!

3M French

The headliner of the night is 3MFrench. You could tell just how excited he was when he jumped on the stage with Bvlly. They rocked out tracks 7am In London which is a song they released together this year and the fans went crazy! Everyone was singing along and having such a good time. French then went on to perform some of his own songs such as I’m The One and Examples which were more fan favs.

They had the crowd extremely pumped and energized. French really put on a great show, he’s an amazing performer, he really tried to make the fans feel included, he was taking pictures, grabbing hands, taking phones to take videos, even handing the mic off to fans to rap along to his songs. 3MFrench and Bvlly ended the show by performing Griselda Blanco which again the crowd loved and was a great way to end the show. They were both amazing performers, I’d definitely see them again if they ever came back!

Overall it was an awesome night. It was filled with great vibes and energy. Everyone who performed did amazing, they were all incredibly talented and can’t wait to see where their music careers take them. Right after the show finished 3MFrench and Bvlly did their meet and greets and that was it. It was such a pleasure attending this show, I had a great time and I know everyone else did too.

Shots by @picsbyori – Review by Hanna

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