The Lazys

There is nothing better than a night of rock n roll and The Lazys made sure to bring it. I am fairly new to the Brass Monkey and that was the venue for the night. This place is well known for bringing in solid acts and has a loyal following with its regulars. Rebel 101.7 is responsible for putting on this show in their Real Rock Live series. The Lazys are currently on their Canadian Half Mast Blues Tour so what better time to stop by.

The Brass Monkey

The place was packed which is typical for the Ottawa Rock scene. Opening the night was Taming Sari which is a new one for me. They put on a good set which got the crowds attention. I would be interested in seeing them again in the future to get a better feel for just who they are. Following them up is INIRE which I’ve seen before so I had an idea what to expect. These boys certainly didn’t disappoint. They are super expressive on stage and the loyal fans make sure to show their love. They made sure to hand out all kinds of high-fives and fist bumps when they finished setting the stage for The Lazys.

Main event – The Lazys

Now time for the main event with The Lazys. I came to this show because my Dad actually suggested them to me which is odd all on its own but why not give it a shot. Not disappointed that’s for sure. These guys come from Australia which I actually just got back from on vacation which was cool. They are very dynamic on stage which just forces you to rock out with them. I wasn’t very familiar with their music but it sure seemed like the die-hards were right there with them hanging off of every word and note. At one point there was even a stroll across the bar while rocking out the tunes. I want to point out for those who don’t know the venue that these aren’t the highest ceilings at all so you can just imagine how much fun these guys had.

All in all a very good show and I am certainly glad I was able to get out for this one. The Lazys made a new fan for sure and looking forward to next time they are in town. Good show boys.

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