Celine Dion

Celine Dion came to town with the Courage World Tour last night. It was exactly what you would expect from her – amazing. Arguably one of Canada’s best musical exports, this show was one not to miss. This was my first time ever seeing Celine live. I was excited just to hear a few of those signature track we have all heard before. Even if you are not a fan you can certainly not dismiss the talent and power she brings to a performance.

I am lucky I live close to the Canadian Tire Center so I can get to shows fairly easy. For some reason I didn’t expect the shear level of traffic and fans on the way to the venue and was almost late. Even the media parking was full so I was shoved into the back of a lot which almost would have been easier to walk from home.

Celine Dion – The artist

Celine Dion has been active in the industry since 1980, amassing a rather distinguished resume over that time. Up there with Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston, they are some of the most influential voices of the modern era. She has been emulated by so many and credited with shaping female pop vocalist singing since the 1990s . There are also countless artists who currently credit her as a major influence in their own carriers.

We were only allowed to shoot the first song of the show so we had to make every second count. Celine Dion and her team certainly come prepared for a show. This was the most amount of gear I have personally seen from behind the scenes at a show but I would expect nothing less. Her stage set up was large yet simple. There was a few sections of different stage levels. The band members would play or she could perform and a large screen for visuals.

Show time

The lights dimmed and the intro started and the crowd erupted. A visual played on the wall behind her stage and Celine Dion emerged from a platform in center stage. First thing you noticed is how amazing show looked. She started out the night in a red dress which just sparkled in the lights and shoulder length hair…she just looked amazing. The first song of the night was Its All Coming Back to Me Now, the spot light hit and in the first notes came out.

You couldn’t help but sing a long and the fans went nuts. This is one of her well known songs which is one of my personal favorites so it was awesome to see it first. You could just see the happiness in her face as she was singing and waving to her fans. She truly loves what she does and is touched by the support. She took a second to compose herself as it was almost an emotional moment seeing everyone cheer. As the show went on there were several wardrobe changes to fit the feel of the moment. Celine even rocked out a cover of Another One Bites the Dust. Finishing out the night in a flowing white gown she belted out one of her most iconic songs of all time My Heart Will Go On.

What a show

I don’t think there was a single person in the crowd who wasn’t singing along with these songs. Celine Dion has long been a pinnacle in the music world and one of Canada’s national treasures. It was amazing to get to see her live and hear some of these iconic songs in person. I may not be a diehard Celine fan but this is by far one of my favorite shows I’ve been able to attend. It was amazing having the chance to take some pictures. A second show is happening tonight. I expect another packed house because it’s Celine and she deserves nothing less.

Celine Dion
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