Bones made his way to Ottawa on the Failure tour. One of the undergrounds most influential artists, Bones should bring an epic show for us all.


The Diamond Mine Agency did it again. The venue for the night is Mavericks which made for an intimate performance space. We got there early and helped set up a little bit for the night. One of the first things is we cranked the AC because we knew it was going to be a warm one. The night was sold out and the lineup was starting to fill up pretty early.

The Venue

Bones and his crew got there a little early and ran down the sound check like some pros! It’s not everyday you have a crew who runs things as smoothly as these guys do.

A little about Bones

A resident of Michigan, Bones comes with an impressive resume. With over 60 releases to date including albums, mix tapes and EPs he has amazed a substantial catalogue for himself.

He craved out his place in the underground scene. This proven with just how many diehard fans came out in droves.

Bones and his crew were smart. They kept the stage kit small and the merch simple which made for a smooth night.

As the venue filled in the opening DJs played an extended set each allowing the crowd to fill up while settled. I took this time to grab a bite to eat at The Midnights Mac and Cheese Cabin to fuel up for the craziness. Oh! and don’t forget with all those bodies in there now that AC had its work cut out for it.

Opening Acts

Both DJs played killer sets and got the crowd going. They made sure to show their killer style and drop some sick beats.


It was time for the main event. The lights went down, and the crowd went nuts. The DJ hit the stage. The crew started to pile in. Then the place exploded as Bones hit the stage. He started in on the first track and the whole building was jumping.  Bones interacted with his fans getting right down at their level. He rocked out tracks and they sang along with every word.

We were visited by a special guest also for the night. Night Lovell came out to support and check out the show. The fans who noticed this went crazy for the power house.

Night Lovell x Bones
Night Lovell x Bones

You know when it’s a good show when Bones himself tells everyone that even thought this might not be the biggest show in the tour it certainly is one of his favourite ones because of the energy of the crowd. They didn’t expect this kind of turnout, but when Ottawa wants to, they come in force.

Overall one hell of a night and from what I can tell everyone left with smiles in their face. Looking forward to when Bones comes back to town for sure!

Bones - Tour Poster
Bones – Tour Poster

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