Brett Kissel at the Drive-in

Next on deck, Brett Kissel at the Drive-in for 3 shows at the Richmond Fair! We got to stick around for a couple shows to absorb the most music possible since concerts have been a ghost. The Richmond Fair has been a staple piece of summer entertainment for years but with Covid in the way things weren’t very certain. It was nice to see things looking a little closer to normal.

Brett Kissel is a 5th generation, Albert born country singer who has been around the bend a few times recording his first album Keepin It Country at the age of 12. He has also had his name mentioned on many awards, winning JUNO awards and even being the youngest CCMA Rising Star nominee at the age of 16.

Brett had his soundcheck at 10am and the stage was set for some amazing music. This wasn’t the first time he was at the Richmond fair. In 2015 he played the fair with only 1 original song at the time.

Brett Kissel takes the stage

He took to the stage and played some of his most notable songs including Raise Your Glass, Cool with That and We Were That Song. Everyone loves a good country song. Hearing these ones live for the first time in like 6 months is amazing. Brett took the time to interact with the crowd along the way saying that seeing all the kids and families there means a lot to him. He called out fans along the way. This included the guys on the combine and ones that stood out in their cars.

This is a busy one for Brett having 3 shows in one day, 2 of which were sold out. Between shows he even had some wardrobe changes to keep things fresh. One of the most memorable moments was seeing Brett climb on the top of the nearby big rig and rock out some tracks from on high! I can’t be 100% sure but I am pretty sure his Weiner dog Charlie was spotted with him also.

Overall what a great day with Brett Kissel at the Drive-in. 3 shows in one day is not the easiest but he made it look easy. Big thanks to The Richmond Fair for hosting. This is an amazing concert series for everyone to shake of some of the Covid fatigue just a little bit.

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