Big Wreck at the Drive-in

Ottawa! We had Big Wreck at the Drive-in last night. With COVID killing the concert scene a new way of doing things has come to light. Drive-in Ottawa tag teamed with DNA and Budweiser to bring us some drive-in concerts to help beat the COVID fatigue and we are loving it. This is my first night out getting to shoot a show. Of course I wore shorts and a tank top to what turned out to be a pretty cold night.

The Drive-in

Wesley Clover Parks was the location for last night’s show. Monster Energy is also a sponsor and was on hand to get samples to people so they can release the beast. Can’t lie free samples are always amazing. Because this is such a new way of doing things, I was not really sure what to expect. The stage set up with pretty good similar to what you would see in big festivals like Bluesfest. Cars were spaced out all the way to the back of the lot which was cool to see when they all flashed their lights. The biggest things to note was the sound difference from a typical festival. You tuned into a specific radio station in your car to hear the sound directly in the car which in turn means there is no real need for a sound set up for a crowd to hear.

Starting out the night is a DJ set from DJ Illo to open things up and get people in the mood. He played a great mix of rock tunes while people filled in the drive-in spots. On top of all of that there was samples of the new Budweiser Zero circulating which was fun to see.

Big Wreck

Big Wreck hit the stage and you can tell they were a little chilly up there also. The rocked out the best they could in the cold scenario. Some of the notable tracks included Wolves, Fall Through the Cracks and Ghosts. Ian took the liberty to have what he called a “Self-Indulgent” moment and rocked out a face melting solo which everyone loved. This is my first time seeing Big Wreck live so I am pleasantly surprised. They had fun on stage even in the cold and the new format, I can only image how lively a regular show would have been.

Overall great night. Big Wreck at the Drive-in was awesome. If drive-ins are the new norm for the foreseeable future, I think Drive-in Ottawa and DNA have it pretty much on point at this point. Hopefully COVID will fade out and we will get more and more shows but at least we have this in the meantime. Thanks to DNA and Drive-in Ottawa for putting these on for the city.

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