Spotlight – The Winner is! LVS Becoming

Our Spotlight – The Winner is! LVS Becoming. We have our first follow up interview with the winners of the LVS Becoming Contest. We got to chat with a couple of the standout winners from the contest about their songs and what its like to have won. Check it out here. The first interview will be linked at the bottom.

Contest Winner Melissa Kadas

What do you love about performing?

There are so many different reasons for what and why I love performing. When I perform, I love the feeling that comes with it like anything is possible. I feel so free, joyful, happy, and alive. I love the connection you get with the audience and seeing them enjoying themselves. All I ever wanted to do was make music and make people happy and I get to do both of that while I’m performing.

Tell us about the piece you submitted to win. Is there any inspirations for it?

I chose “Enough is Enough” to sing for the contest because that song really shows off my voice and is a meaningful song that people connect to. This song means a lot to me. It shares the relationship I had with my dad and I know a lot of people can connect to it.

What your next step with this win under your belt?

The next step forward is to continue to make more music that people can connect to and enjoy. I want to continue to build my fan base, learn ways to help me become the musician I want to be, and collaborate with other artists. I just need to keep working hard to one day achieve my goals, which are to go on tour and meet wonderful people, and to perform at the Grammys.

Contest Winner JESSIA

Spotlight - And the Winner is! LVS Becoming

What do you love about performing?

I love being able to create memories for people. When we are all together enjoying the moment and all feeling the same energy, it’s really powerful. Looking back on shows that I have attended and remembering a specific song or story that made me connect with the artist, I love that. I strive to do that for all of my fans at my shows. I want us all to feel connected and celebrated and create a special moment in time.

Tell us about the piece you submitted to win. Are there any inspirations for it

I sang a song called “Stayin In” that was inspired by a night where I ditched a party to go eat junk food and binge Netflix in bed. It was fantastic haha! I felt like this song had a different message than most songs I’ve written so I decided to give the judges another side of me. I’m extremely extroverted but sometimes its nice to just stay in for the night.

What is your next step with this win under your belt?

It’s go time!!! I am non-stop writing and recording right now. I have a new single that will be released next month so stay tuned!! My team and I are currently narrowing down which songs will be featured on my debut EP. I am continuously building myself as an artist and learning more than ever! It’s a really exciting time in my career and it’s just the beginning!

Spotlight – The Winner is! LVS Becoming.

Spotlight - And the Winner is! LVS Becoming

It’s a wrap! Make sure to check out the rest of the winners here.

Take a look at the last interview here to learn more about the LVS team and what they do. I want to make to wish all the winners the best of luck in their future music endeavors and hopefully we get to see them on the charts with some amazing music.

LVS Becoming Contest – Spotlight Interview

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