CityFolk Day 1 – 2021

CityFolk Day 1 – 2021 brought live music back to town after a long pandemic break! Personally, I was excited to get out and experience that feeling once again.


The sun was shining and the crowd was still filling up but she made sure to spend her time on stage getting the music going and the people moving. The crowd was up and dancing and getting into the swing of some live music finally coming back to the city!

I personally wasn’t familiar with her music before the show but she certainly hooked me in with her smooth tone. Great way to start off the day.

Roy Woods

Next on deck is Roy Woods. Signed to OVO Roy has been active on the scene since 2014. At this point, the crowd is decently filled up so when Roy hits the stage people ran to the front. Roy Woods has a very powerful voice and the smoothness that he exudes is a reason to remember him.

The fans already at the barrier were loving it from the start, cheering and singing along. 2nd slot of the night worked out pretty well as the sun wasn’t blinding and the crowd was in the right mood.


3rd up is DVSN. It looks like OVO decided to take over day 1 at City Folk with the R&B duo of Daniel Daley and producer Nineteen85 being another one of the signed label mates. Daniel is another one with an amazing R&B sound being able to hit those hit notes with some great energy and smooth vibes.

The stage was huge but Daniel made sure to use it wisely. The fans were singing along and screaming as one would expect! My eardrums were blown out at one point with a girl behind me screaming so much so her friend beside her even mentioned he can either hear her or the music but not both. Great show!

Charlotte Day Wilson

Last up for the night is Charlotte Day Wilson. This is another one where I have heard the name but am not familiar with the music. Another one hailing from Toronto, Charlotte is coming off of the release of her album Alpha in July. After DVSN they filled the stage with her full band and background set up which is nice to see. This is a big stage and should be used properly! Fans went absolutely nuts when they caught a glimpse of her even before hitting the stage.

Charlotte has an amazing tone to her voice which I found out. She started out on the keyboard with the crowd going nuts. Moving back and forth between guitar and keyboard Charlotte blended everything seamlessly and made for a great time.

CityFolk Day 2 is coming up later on so make sure you check it out

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