CityFolk Day 2 – 2021

CityFolk Day 2 – 2021 brought some great Canadian Rock music to the stage. This one is my fav of this weekend personally.

Command Sisters

The first one on the stage is The Command Sisters and yes, their last name is Command, and they are sisters! Coming to us from Toronto the sister’s Charlotte and Sarah have been doing their thing since 2016.

Being first up on-stage opening things up isn’t always the easier but the crowd was already filling up. Known for their fashion as well as their tunes they started playing to the crowd with the sun beating down on them. They rocked out a few covers mixed in with their own tunes and started off the night just right! New fan here for sure


Next up is Moist. Fronted by the dynamic David Usher, Moist has been a staple in the Canadian rock scene since the 90s. I’ve never seen them live so I was super excited about this one.

The crowd is up right to the front and ready to go when the lights dropped, and the music starts! This was the first time the band played live since the pandemic, and we were lucky enough to get some brand-new music for the first time in years! Getting his stage legs back, David brought the energy, and the crowd ate it up. On top of the hits like Push and Gasoline, they even rocked out a rendition of Sweet Dreams. Pretty stoked about this show, to say the least.

Our Lady Peace

Finally, the headliner for the night is Our Lady Peace. Another staple in the Canadian Rock scene since the 90s OLP is no stranger to the stage at CityFolk having played just before covid hit. The crowd was packed at this point which one would expect with these guys on stage.

Raine in classic fashion brought his unique tone and belted out powerful vocals starting out with The Message. They followed up with Superman’s Dead which the whole crowd joined in with. Between some songs, Raine talked about some new music and the new album Spiritual Machines 2 which was touted as “The best work to date”. He also talked about some special NFTs for anyone as CityFolk including some art and special tidbits. This was a perfect way to finish off the night, to say the least with some amazing music!

CityFolk Day 2 – 2021 is a wrap. Day 3 is coming up next so make sure you get your tickets and check out Dean Brody closing out the festival!

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