CityFolk Day 3 – 2021

CityFolk Day 3 – 2021 ends off the weekend with Country night. Sacha, The Reklaws and Dean Brody brought the country feel to the national capital region for sure!


With an innate talent to command the crowd, Sacha is like no one else. This young, energetic country star made herself known and unforgettable. I want to begin by calling out her crystal clear vocals. Not a single hitch, crack or slip up throughout the entire performance. It was clear that although we might have not had live performances over the last year, she exercised her vocal cords ceaselessly.

Sasha spoke briefly about her background as a small-town girl with big dreams. It is amazing to see a country star living her dreams from our very own Ontario. Additionally, she was heavily influenced by Taylor Swift even saying she is the reason she first picked up a guitar. As a tribute, she played a small remix of a couple of Taylor songs smashed together. It was an amazing way to hype up the crowd with some familiar tunes. Looking forwards to seeing this one on some bigger stages in the future and she is defiantly a big fish in a small pond. Truly born to be a performer.

The Reklaws

This fantastic duo started the show by dropping some big news. Firstly, Jenna got engaged! The Cityfolk stage was amongst the first to hear the big news. Secondly, Stuart tore some muscles in his foot. He still managed to hobble his way through an amazing performance. Even incorporating the cast into a comedy bit with their assistants. The two gave a small speech of appreciation to their fans who stuck it out over the last year. Revealing how scared they were that they might not have supporters left after the pandemic. We, however, know this is far from the case. They are more played now more than ever.

Jenna and Stuart had a blast performing their high-energy songs with the audience singing along. “What the Truck,” “Old County Soul” and “Wish You Were Beer” were for sure the fan favorites. These two are county through and through having been raised on a farm. Everything from their style to their lyrics shows their love for rural Ontario.

Dean Brody

Dean Brody is here to close out the night. Last time we saw Dean live he was sharing the stage with Dallas Smith so solo suited the mood. Country music has a special place with my growing up listing to it and hearing my mom sing in the car.

Excited to be back live after a long pandemic break Dean brought his smooth vocals and great country soul to the stage. He rocked out all the greats including one of my personal favs Mountain Man. Gotta love some fiddle and Shane Guse kills it like usual. It always brings back those good vibes listening to some great music and this was an amazing way to end the CityFolk Day 3 – 2021. Loving the fact live music is back and can’t wait until next weekend.

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