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Today we Highlight – PUBLIC. We recently sat down to chat about music and the newest single Little Drama Queen set to release later this month.

The Beginning

Hailing from Ohio, John, Ben and Matt have been on the scene since 2012. They met in highschool and shortly after released their first EP Red. They followed up in 2015 with the release of their EP “Let’s Remake It.” The album is held near and dear for most fans. Featuring beloved songs such as “Pretty Face” and “Honeybee.” John Vaughn (Lead Vocals/Guitar) is the ringleader of the group. He picked up Matthew Carter Alvarado (Bass/Synth/Vocals) and Ben Lapps (Percussion) from their high school Jazz Orchestra. The trio has a similar direction for their music. Over 5 years In the industry turned them into the indie/pop-punk band we know today. A blend of pop and rock such as Joji, 5SOS, The Killers, and Muse top the list of influences. Public’s reach grew exponentially over the past couple of years with the rise of social media platforms like Tiktok. Additionally, opening for bands like Twenty One Pilots, Walk the Moon, and Paramore helped them peak. 

Missing You Today

They were silent for most of 2021, only to explode back into the music scene this month. “Missing You Today” was written back in 2019, before the pandemic. Written from the perspective of John as a love letter to his girlfriend while he was on tour. The song went through a year and a half of tweaks to the lyrics and melodies before it reached perfection. It is a beautiful ballad that tugs at the heartstrings of those familiar with longing. Although John might be the lyrical wizz in the group, Ben and Matthew are the geniuses behind the guitar lines and percussion. They all play a part in their singles which gives every song that unique PUBLIC tinge. 

PUBLIC releases their single “Little Drama Queen” a little later this month. This song jumps genre boundaries that were previously compulsory for the group. Over the past year, the group has been genre-bending with additions like disco, jazz, and acoustic styles in their works. “Little Drama Queen” incorporates a sharper edge than their last 2 singles resembling Panic At The Disco’s style. 

You might have heard of this famous trio from their Tiktok mega-hit “Make You Mine.” It has accumulated almost 350,000,000 streams on Spotify. The group recognizes the reach this song has had and embraces its influence. Even making Tiktoks themselves using the audio. However, they refuse to be standardized by this single.

Highlight – PUBLIC has been great. Thanks to the guys for taking the time to chat with us.

Keep an eye out for LDQ coming out very soon and well worth a listen

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