So, I have never heard of Comethazine and knew nothing about him. I was told that I needed to come out to this one because it was going to be a sell-out show and a night not to miss and I tell you right now it was certainly not disappointing.

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I thought this would be the perfect night to bring out the big camera and try to film an awesome video of the night with a packed house, but I was not ready for what I was getting into.

Comethazine, a St. Louis native, started his music career full time in 2017 after using YouTube and Soundcloud as his launching point. He then signed to the Alamo Record Label. He has said that some of his influences are Jim Jones, Big Mike and Chief Keef and fit into the anti-melody trap genre.

A weird SoundCloud feature allowed his track “Bandz” to be switched out with YBN Nahmir’s track “Bounce out with that” and actually helped bush Bandz into the spotlight.

The Bourbon Room played host to the all ages show, and it was packed from the start. A slew of Ottawa locals played opener and had the crowed pumped from the first act until the end. Jay Loud, Rejeks, New Age Hippie (Swift Crew), MVGV , Lil Heat and King Z deserve a shout out for completely killing the whole night and getting the crowd pumped.

I had intended on filming the night as I mentioned before but the crowd was so nuts, I literally could barely hold my camera up and keep myself safe at the same time so I figure I would be better off making sure everything was good from my side of things. I had to help more than a few people off the ground, so they didn’t get trampled on. It was so hot in there with all those bodies it was just something to behold.

Comethazine hit the stage and we literally had to hold people back so he could actually get on there. He hit the stage and lit into his tracks and the crowd erupted. He played his signature tracks “Bandz” and “Walk” and just had a killer set.

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At one point he almost left the stage because someone was being a dick from the upper level. He wanted to go handle it on his own. We made sure that we could take care of that issue. He kept on killing the stage and made sure his fans left with a smile on their faces.

Over all it was an insane night and I’m glad I got to go.

Comethazine Tour Poster
Comethazine – Tour Poster
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