Scott Helman

Scott Helman Tour Banner
Scott Helman Tour Banner

Canadian singer-songwriter Scott Helman put on an amazing show at Algonquin Commons Theatre in Ottawa on March 19th, 2019.

Even though Helman’s bus broke down on the way here, thankfully he was still able to make it! He starts the show with his song House Key while sitting beside a light to set the mood of the show and create a welcoming atmosphere to make everyone feel at home.

Scott Helman definitely knows how to make a large space feel so intimate. Helman took the time to make the show much more personal by stepping away from the microphone to passionately sing a couple of lines without the amplification of the mic. After a couple giggles shared between the audience and Scott himself, he returned to the mic and carried on the show with so much fire and energy.

Every time Scott prompted the audience to sing his song, the dedicated fans did not fail to sing back every single word. While his dedicated fans showed their continued support throughout the show, Scott mutually returned the appreciation. Helman interacted with everyone in the audience. He would wave back and reply to everything shouted at him, not matter how far away they say, he made sure to include everyone. That kind of experience is what makes his show so special.

Scott sang some of his hit songs including PDA, Kinda Complicated and Machine. He balanced these by playing some songs off his latest album such as 21 Days, Ripple Effect and Kites. Scott was able to make a flawlessly smooth transition from his song Gaslight to Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”. Helman ended the show with songs that was sure to get everyone off their feet like Hang Ups and Machine.

Scott Helman’s unique voice, ability to interact with everyone and dynamic energy created a show that no one will ever forget.

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