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Mariana’s Trench came to town on their Suspending Gravity Tour.

Elijah Woods and Jamie Fine kick off the night with a high energy show with the support from their hometown. The dynamic duo had a powerful show featuring a strong cover of Kanye West’s Gold Digger. They played songs from their latest EP titled 8:47 and rocked out the stage.

Jamie Fine - EWxJF
Jaime Fine

The duo’s ability to engage with the crowd and involve them in every song was a hit. They fired up the crowd with the performance of their hit single Ain’t Easy from the show The Launch. Woods and Fine are definitely going places and making Ottawa proud!

Next up was headliners Marianas Trench on their Suspending Gravity tour. Only 15 days after the release of their newest album Phantoms, the dedicated audience did not fail to know all the words.

The theme of this tour was masquerade. This reflected in their glittery costumes and album genre.

Mariana’s Trench opened the show with the first track from their latest album. They followed up with hit tracks Only the Lonely Survive and Echoes of You. They incorporated a perfect balance of new songs, and old, to show off their newest album like I Knew You When. The played popular songs like Pop 101 and All to Myself to satisfy every kind of fan in the audience.

Josh Ramsay
Josh Ramsay

The lead singer, Josh Ramsay, was quick to involve himself directly with the audience by jumping off stage to sing two songs. He travelled around the audience and made sure to include every section. Every member of the band made sure to engage the audience as much as possible, all while shredding their instruments in each intricate song. This includes Matt Webb on guitar, Mike Ayley on bass and Ian Casselman on drums,

Marianas Trench is known for their unique style of music. Their ability to create such intricate songs with a new original theme for every album and live show is something truly special. As the show comes to an end, Ramsay sings a solo version of One Love. This was followed by the return of the band. They sang the last mind blowing song The Killing Kind from their newest album.  Marianas Trench is definitely a spectacular show you won’t want to miss!

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