Last night was a party as Dax returned home for a crazy energy filled night of music. The Diamond Mine Agency and Babylon Nightclub are to thank for this incredible night of hip hop music on a cold Wednesday. It was one of the coldest nights this winter so far but Ottawa turned out for the home coming show.

Dax, for those who don’t know, actually grew up in Ottawa. He gained notoriety on platforms like YouTube for dropping diss tracks on various other YouTubers including Pewdiepie (which has since been deleted). There is also the beef with British YouTuber KSI which has resulted in several diss tracks and even a challenge to a boxing match. Dax was also an accomplished basketball player in his time but decided to focus on his music which as seen him move out of Ottawa.

Local Support

In typical fashion a handful of Ottawa locals got tasked to get the party started for Dax. Most of the guys in the scene here have an established fan base which is a bonus but it’s always nice to get to play to a bigger crowd. The lineup consisted JDavid, Keydus, Savage James, TAxPTP, J-Havoc and Spitten Image. These guys always do their thing and make sure to get the party going. Savage James brought out Dip Black for one of his tracks and they had the crowd going. Spitten Image being the true professional, killed his set even with some technical issues. He is one of the hardest working guys I’ve worked with for sure.


It’s that time and Dax was about to hit the stage. Now I have never seen a live Dax show so I wasn’t sure what kind of experience we were going to get. He came out in his janitors outfit with mop and bucket like he was just here to put in some work. He stripped off that suit pretty quick and got right to work with some high energy hard hitting tracks. The whole crowd was going nuts jumping and singing along. Dax brought out a chair and in an intimate moment preformed his powerful song Dear God to the crowd who were hooked on every word. At the end of the night he even dropped a few acapella tracks and the fans went nuts.

There was a few memorable moments of the night. Dax brought up a few people from the crowd for a water chugging contest including his biggest fan (and Youngest) Daniel. Of course Daniel won the contest, his prize for winning was an epic stage dive which absolutely made his night! This being a home town show the family made sure to come out and show some support. In a heartfelt moment Dax interacted with the fans and mentioned that his mother was in the crowd and this was the first time she was getting to see him perform live which was amazing.

In the End

At the end of the night Dax had a small meet and greet with some of the diehard fans where he took pictures and autographed a few things before taking off to spend more time with family. Not only did he make Daniel’s night, Dax came to show his hometown some love and spend quality time with his family and what more could you ask for. It was amazing working with you Dax and look forward to next time you stop by.

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