Dj Pauly D

When you have a rough day and just need to let loose, it’s time to Beat that Beat up and who better than DJ Pauly D to make that happen. I am not going to lie I was excited for this one. One of my guilty pleasures like most of the world is Jersey Shore and DJ Pauly D is my fav. People were holding their breath for this once since he was scheduled to come to town on 2 previous occasions but weather killed those plans.

Pauly D is the dynamic Guido who rocks the GTL and kills T-Shirt time but make sure you don’t touch the hair! Known for putting on a party this was going to be a pretty fun night. Algonquin College is playing host and making sure to set the stage for the intimate dance party in the theatre.

Teddy Rose

Teddy Rose started off the night and having just returned from his Japanese tour he was excited. The Californian native is carving a spot of his own in this world with some great music and amazing remix’s like All the Small Things – Blink 182. We heard from some sources that he is absolutely delightful to work with and I’m sure the ladies aren’t complaining much….I mean look at him.

DJ Pauly D

The main event of the night was really why people were here. Teddy Rose did his job and got the crowd moving but it was time for our headliner. Pauly D hit the stage and the place erupted.

Things went from a club night to a full on party! The lights were on point and the LED wall made for some fun with Pauly’s big head spinning around. Fans did not stop. From the start of the night right until the end each song blended into the next. There is a reason DJ Pauly D is where he is. Aside from the TV fame, its the skills on the 1 & 2s.

Right before the show started DJ Pauly D had a small meet and greet with some select fans. Unfortunately I missed my chance to sneak in and shake the man’s hand so I’ll have to wait until next time. Thank you Pauly for a fun night and looking forward to the next time.

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