Highlight – Easy Life

Highlight - Easy Life

Today we Highlight – Easy Life

Easy Life is a Lichester born Alternative R&B group. They are widely known for blending genres lines and applying creative characteristics to their music. From R&B, alternative, indie, jazz, electronic, dance, and acoustic. It is a task to not find a complementary song for every music taste. Anything can be found among their virtuous repertoire.

They are five total. Murray Matravers (vocals, synthesizer, keyboard, trumpet), Oliver Cassidy (drums, percussion), Sam Hewitt (bass guitar, saxophone, backing vocals), Lewis Alexander Berry (guitar), Jordan Birtles (percussion, keyboard, backing vocals). They met through a mix of old school friends, meeting coincidentally at the bar. Murray has long forgotten the reason behind the name Easy Life. It does let him reflect, however, on what he believes and easy life is. Which is what we are all striving for, a life with loved ones and smiles. 

Life’s a Beach

The band recently dropped their first-ever full-length album. “Life’s a Beach” explores the desire to be free of one’s hometown. It dropped earlier this year despite being written gradually through 2020. As a result this time frame allowed for many songs to have the plaintive and also mildly optimistic edge that the past year influenced. Murray wanted to make a breezy-slow beat album. It has chill vibes while simultaneously stirring wanderlust.

 “Skeletons” was performed on Jimmy Kimmel in April with raving reviews. This is the main single off their new album and has already had 3.6 Million streams on Spotify. The album explores an array of different genres. “Skeletons” being the hype-jazzy alternative song of the album. The was the goal in the creation to invigorate the audience. The band especially looks forward to performing live soon. The album has its ups and downs. “Ocean view” and “a message to myself” are deeply revealing tracks on Murray’s part. He wants to be openly vulnerable to his fans to connect in this way. 

Easy Life has always been experimental in its music videos. While being strange the band prides itself at holding deeper meaning beneath the surface. The “a message to myself’ music video, in particular, the video was over a year in the making. The band worked with an incredible animator to bring their vision to life. The video is goofy and also playful while also having those dismal undertones. 

What’s Next?

Currently, the band is on a UK tour. They have big dreams of doing a world tour someday. Murray has hinted about many upcoming collaborations. Murray never rests for long, he is already at work with other artists. Releasing music is what he loves to do. Finally, we can look forward to many projects in the future.

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Highlight - Easy Life

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