New Release Weekend – Vol 13

This is New Release Weekend – Vol 13 with new music for your playlist you simply so click the pictures and of course show some love.

All About Love – Johnny Reid / Gramps Morgan

The finale on the long-anticipated Gramps Morgan album! The artist takes this song to recenter and prioritizes the most important thing in life. It really is all about love. It is scientifically impossible to listen to this song and hold onto a bad mood. Instantly, spirits are lifted and hearts are opened. Unquestionably, Gramps has the power to penetrate any barrier with his words. Guaranteed to have anyone singing, dancing, and having a good time.

Hurting Kind – Del Water Gap

For the sad summer bop of the week, we have “Hurting Kind” by Del Water Gap. The band narrates a love where both individuals know the toxicity. Though there is nothing but consequences on the road ahead, they dive head-first. The single feels especially like a radio hit with the midtempo beat and catchy lyrics. Additionally, the video evokes wanderlust as the couple travel across mountain terrains and the beach. A beautiful watch as long as you don’t have the travel itch (which who doesn’t right now.)

Canned Soup – Manwolves

Manwolves and Andyland collaborated to create an adorable animated music video. If the indie genre does anything well, it’s animated music videos. They are becoming a sought-after trend well received by audiences. The song is light and bouncy with a lovely brass section to accommodate the percussion. Always been a sucker for a good trumpet melody I don’t know about anyone else.

Pet Sympathy – Pet Symmetry

Pop-punk fans, meet jazz. Surprisingly, the two genres can indeed work in harmony. The electric guitar and heavy percussion occasionally lift throughout the song. What is left is an atmospheric vocal solo with a hand drum. It is like a slam-poetry and emo night all in one. See if you can spot all the different percussion instruments used in this song. After a listen, I counted about five.

21st Century Vampire – Mansions

For all the indie fans who deviated that their underground artists got discovered, this one’s for you. Similar to the lines of Current Joys and Cavetown, this song is super slow and soft. The instrumentals are limited, giving plenty of room for the lyrics to sink in. This cover is performed beautifully. Mansions is a brand-new group and hopefully, they will be making some waves in the community real soon.

You Oughta Know – Grouplove

First of all, Grouplove is completely bold and unapologetic. Their lyrics are intransigent and belligerent. She controls the mood of the song as well as her own gritty voice.  More and more we are seeing women gaining ground in the music industry. Women tend to receive so much backlash for perceived “vulgar” lyrics. Seeing the pushback from artists like Grouplove is inspiring. Uncensored and unapologetic. Highly recommend giving Grouplove a listen.

Glass World (Alternative Version) – Citizen

Unlike the original, Glass World Alternative Version has no need for instruments. They eliminated all except for the piano and a tech wave. It sounds almost like breathing in a tunnel or wiggling laminated paper really slow. The song is almost at .5 speed to really let the lyrics seep in. The song crescendos near the end, to fall, to rise again. Citizen dropped an EP with this song as well as a few others that are all wonderful and worth the listen.

Riptide – Fuller

The whole world remembers “Riptide” by Vance Joy. Take that song, but make it edgier and indie rock. Fuller captures the essence of a desperate state of mind. This song explores the feeling of helplessness and needing a solid foundation to cling to. Fuller has been trickling new releases for a couple of months now. Lastly, Fans are anticipating an album on the horizon. Anxiously waiting to hear what is next from the group.

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