Highlight – Tay Money

Highlight - Tay Money

Today we Highlight – Tay Money who is no basic performer. With a multitude of hits under her belt, collabs with some of the industry’s heaviest hitters, Tay Money is laying the foundation to an empire.

The music

Sitting down with Tay Money you cannot help but be in awe of her drive and persistence in an industry that is fickle and unpredictable. Over the course of the last 2 years Tay Money has released hits after hits from “Trapper’s Delight” to the now Tik Tok iconic “Bussin”. Bussin went on to win over and impress not only the legions of fans dropping it low for likes but drew the ears and eyes of none other than Saweetie herself. Saweetie then slid into Tay Money’s DMs and the 2 pumped out a collab of epic proportions with “Bussin 2.0”.

Saweetie is not the only one hustling to work with the Texan tank. On Tay Money’s latest album Blockedt (released late 2020) Mulatto and Key Glock lend their vibes to the growing list of esteemed collaborators that include the likes of Dababy and YNW Melly. It makes sense. Tay Money has been hustling to make a name for herself. A former softball star when she was in high school, Tay Money has been hitting it out of the park for years.

“Patience is a big thing, and you have to start from the bottom before you go to the top.”

Home is where the heart is

A momma’s girl through and through. Tay is always been supported by the tight knit community of people that surround her. Back in Athens, Texas before her big break she had a quite established career as a hairstylist. She was forcibly pushed in the right direction which made her really take the leap.

I was lucky enough to chat with Tay Money in late 2020 right before her new tape Blockedt dropped. She recounted the story of her friends and family finally seeing that she had more to give the world than she even knew herself.

Actually, my work told me that if I didn’t put in my two weeks notice I couldn’t come back. And I said, ‘well then I guess I won’t be back then’. But it‘s hard because you know my heart was with doing hair and that’s what I had done, and I was safe and I was comfortable. I kind of came from a home where you went to school you got a job and that was what you did. So, the freedom of being an artist wasn’t ever a conversation I had had or had seen or never knew anybody that things like this had happened to.

So, I felt like I was doing something wrong I felt like I was doing something bad. I just had to take a chance on it. I kept telling my mom like ‘I feel different like I feel like I’m different I feel so different’. She’s like yeah, you’re different. All right. But it worked out in my favor and I know that it might not work out like that for some people. I’m thankful. Now that I did receive a deal from it. I didn’t know if that was going to come, but I was sure going to show them, I was sure going to show it to somebody. And I did and I’m just going to keep going up from here but I’m glad to have that.”

Get ready

Every ounce of Tay Money pulses absolute professionalism, patience, and perseverance. Tay Money set out to be different than anyone else and she has. With a Barbie gone bad aesthetic she certainly stands head and shoulders above the rest. Tay Money is one of the few artists whose online presence is minimal. Her unique authenticity even lent a hand during the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic when live shows were stopped. Losing that onstage connection left a hole where her performing filled. She organized a charity rummage sale to sell merch, old costumes from various shoots and videos, and to meet and greet with fans.

Tay Money is a hustler, a rising star, and an inspiration to all out there. Everything may be bigger in Texas, but her talent and drive is out of this world. Find her linked below.

Highlight - Tay Money

Today’s Highlight – Tay Money is a hustler, a rising star, and an inspiration to all out there. Everything may be bigger in Texas, but her talent and drive is out of this world. Find her linked below.

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