Jade Bird

Jade Bird stopped by Algonquin for an intimate night of music with the loyal fans. Along for the ride is John Vincent III and this laid out the night. The venue wasn’t completely packed but this made for a much more intimate show and much more enjoyable.

John Vincent III

John Vincent III is opening up the night for Jade Bird and to be honest I have not heard much about him so I was going into this with fresh ears. First thing I noticed was he come out with a very striped down set for more intimacy. He has a very melodic sound to this voice and knows how to play his guitar. Fans were singing along with some of his songs so you can tell he is well received and it will be interesting to see where his talents take him.

Jade Bird

Jade Bird is up next as your headliner for the evening. Born in England, Jade has been on the music scene since 2015. He self-titled album Jade Bird has seen some success charting well in various markets. She has been nominated for several awards while winning AIM Independent Music Awards International Breakthrough artist in 2019.

This was another softer performance which played well with the mood for the night. Jade started out the night with her track Ruins of her Album Jade Bird. She played a collection of old and new songs which the fans enjoyed. Some of the most popular tracks like What Am I Here For and Lottery had people singing along with every word. One thing I noticed is just how much love you can see Jade Bird puts into her music.

She truly feels everything she sings and enjoys the interaction with fans. This being a more striped down performance allowed her to really show her feelings in the music and gave the fans a real taste of who she is as a live performer. She finishes out the night with Going Gone and Love Has All Been Done Before and the crowd all left with a smile on their faces.

This isn’t the usual type of show I get the chance to take part in but it was certainly a welcomed change.

John Vincent III is a young artist on the rise. Jade Bird knows just how to express herself with her amazing voice and melodic tunes.

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