Tyler Shaw

Last night Algonquin played host to Tyler Shaw and The Wanted Tour. Along for the ride, Neon Dreams and Craig Strickland made for a great night of music. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this show, but it turned out to be a pretty awesome night. This place with packed with a ratio of 5/1 girls which was pretty much what you would expect.

Tyler Shaw brought along his very own hype crew to get the people going before each act. The Party boys played songs old and new for all the younger fans and parents who brought them. The people sand along with every word and surprisingly pretty well.

Craig Strickland

Opening up the night is Craig Strickland. I know next to nothing about this guy, but I was certainly surprised. Craig came out to a simple stage step up and a full crowd ready to rock out. He played a few tracks like Rolling River and Break Every Rule. Everyone was loving it songs and he made sure to engage the fans every chance he got. Perfect way to open up the night.

Neon Dreams

Next up and on deck is Neon Dreams. On the scene since 2015 this Canadian Duo writes and produces all their own stuff. They don’t really fit into one genre which makes for some interesting tunes. Vocalist Frank Kaddilac takes over the stage with his dynamic energy. Adrian Morris sets the mood with his drums and making sure to back up Frank. These guys made short work drawing in the crowd with their energy. There was even a pretty sweet cover of Weezer’s Beverly Hills done with a Ukulele.

Tyler Shaw

Finally, the main event. Tyler Shaw is a native of BC and been on the scene since 2012. He has opened for artists like Kelly Clarkson and Nick Jonas. It was time, the lights went down, the graphics came on the back screen and the crowd erupted. Tyler Shaw came out of the dark and started in with this first track. He played some of his well-known tunes including Same as Me, Wicked and even a cover of Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi. You can’t help but feel the love Tyler has being on stage and feeding off the people’s energy. Tyler also has a meet and greet for some of his more die-hard fans. They got to spend a few minutes, get a picture with him and even some autographs.

It was a pretty good night with some good music on the Tyler ShawThe Wanted Tour. Having the energetic Neon Dreams and the vocal powerhouse Craig Strickland on the ticket is certainly going to make the rest of the tour a success I am sure of it.

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