Jeremy Dutcher in Winnipeg

On a magical night in October at the historic Burton Cummings Theatre in Winnipeg, fans witnessed an extraordinary convergence of musical talent. Polaris Prize-winner Jeremy Dutcher took centre stage, supported by the etherial sounds of opening artist Zion. The combination of bother artists created an atmosphere that transformed the theatre into a sanctuary for music enthusiasts seeking a harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary artistry.



The evening began with Zoon, the experimental music project by Daniel Monkman. The audience was greeted by a sonic journey that transcended the conventional boundaries of genre. Zoon’s atmospheric and otherworldly soundscapes created an immersive experience setting the stage for what would unfold throughout the night.


Jeremy Dutcher

As the echoes of Zoon’s captivating set faded into the background, Jeremy Dutcher made a grand entrance, capturing the audience’s attention with his humble presence. Dutcher began centre stage before taking his place at the piano, beginning a night that would leave an indelible mark on the Winnipeg audience.


Dutcher’s performance was a masterclass in musical alchemy. With his virtuosic piano kills and soul-stirring vocals, Dutcher effortlessly bridge the gap between traditional melodies and contemporary arrangements. The seamless fusion of centuries old Wolastoq songs and mondern compositions showcased Dutcher’s artistic dexterity, illustrating the evolution of Indigenous music while honouring it’s deep-rooted heritage.


Integral to Dutcher’s performance was his commitment to preserving the Wolastoqey language. Between songs, Dutcher shared stories and insights, inviting the audience into the world of his ancestors. The linguistic odyssey added a profound layer to the concert, offering attendees a rare opportunity to connect with the music on a deeper, more intimate level and fostering a sense of cultural understanding.


This concert was an evening of transcendent experiences, thanks to extraordinary talents of Jeremy Dutcher and Zoon. Zoon’s cosmic opening set paved the way for Dutcher’s linguistic and musical odyssey, creating an evening that celebrated tradition and innovation. 

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