Madchild x Dizzy Wright

Madchild returned to town with Dizzy Wright for the Head in the Clouds Tour. I am lucky enough to have worked with Madchild more than a few times at this point. It’s always nice to see him when he comes to town.

The guys brought Pimpton along for the ride which is actually kind of awesome since the first shot with Madchild, Pimpton actually opened for him then also. The Diamond Mine Agency was busy this weekend and had 2 shows booked the same night so I stepped in to help run the show at Babylon. I went and said hi to the guys when they got there and surprisingly enough Pimpton said he remembered me from 4 years ago…guess I made an impression.


Babylon played host for the night and I always love working with this venue. The management and staff always take really good care of us. We work super smoothly together which is a bonus so big shout out to that team. Like shows before, some of Ottawa’s locals were on deck to open up the night and get the crowd in the right frame of mind.

We had Spitten Image, Apollo Rae, Prehistoric, J-Havoc, JDavid and my dude BLikeBrett on the bill. You know that it was going to be a good night for local talent. The boys each did their thing and put it down on stage which is always nice to see. BLikeBrett even had them chanting his name so you know the people liked it.

Special Guest

It wasn’t a packed out but the crowd was loyal. When it was Pimpton’s time to hit the stage the crowd had filled up a little more and the music started. The energy on stage was high just like he is known for. We even got a little taste of the hair being whipped around in true Pimpton style. This guy sounds just as good as I remember from years ago with Madchild. He has been described as “Regina Raps next greatest hope” and I certainly look forward to more from this talented artist.

Dizzy Wright

Dizzy Wright is next on deck and it was time for the headliners to take over. With a mother who was a concert promoter and a family connection with the legendary Bone Thugz n Harmony, Dizzy has had his fair share of exposure to the industry at a young age. With almost a decade on the scene now he has found some success. This includes several releases including 2 studio albums and at one point signing with Funk Volume (Hopsin). Once he hit the stage the Ottawa crowd showed him some love and he started rocking out his tracks. He was both dynamic on stage as well as precise with his lyrical delivery. Being a more intimate stage made it a lot easier to interact with the fans and you could see the smiles on the faces as he did.


Up next Madchild. Well known as part of Swollen Members, Madchild has continued to see success with his solo work. He came to the stage and stopped the music right away. He wanted to start things out a little differently and asked the crowd if he could play some new stuff.  As he started to loosen up you could see the energy building.

He played a nice mix of old and new tracks. This included some of my favs Prefontaine and Dickhead as he brought all the lovely ladies on stage. Of course once the song finished some of the ladies took the change to get their selfies in. Madchild took the time to have a heartfelt moment with his loyal fans. He let them all know that he was in a bad place before but is not going back and he promised them all. At the end of the night there was a little meet and greet. The diehards got to spend a few minutes with the Dizzy and Madchild. The local Battle Axe Warriors were also on sight and Madchild made sure to have a moment with the lot of them also before he headed out.

It’s nice to see that he is in a much better and healthier place in his life now. Ottawa always loves having Madchild come to town and he always brings along some good friends for the trip. I look forward to next time I get to work with him again. Stay strong man.

Madchild x Dizzy Wright Tour Poster
Madchild x Dizzy Wright Tour Poster

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