New Release Weekend – Vol 10

New Release Weekend – Vol 10 is here and obviously we have new tracks for you to absolutely add to your playlists. Click on the pictures and show them some love.

You And I – Ben Platt

Firstly, to mark off pride month, and to celebrate “Born this Way’s” 10th anniversary, Ben released “You And I.” It is a fantastic collision of Lady Gaga’s beat with his own magic. Ben is known predominantly for his work on “Dear Evan Hansen” and “Pitch Perfect.” He has picked up the pen for himself and is trying as a solo artist. So far, his music holds to the same standard among fans. Moreover, the song is soulful, and powerful the vocals transport meaningful messages that strike straight to the heart.

Gemini – The Unlikely Candidates

Continuing, The Unlikely Candidates endeavor on a light techno-pop sound for their latest single. The song feels dreamy and danceable. A perfect song for mid-summer nights. Furthermore, It is funny that they released their song “Gemini” in the month of Cancer. On the other hand, the timing of artists is beyond me. They felt the timing was right.

Distorted Light Beam – Bastille

Bastille’s latest single feels a resemblance to past works we have seen by alternative superstars “Imagine Dragons.” The lyrics and the music video are futuristic and dystopian. The imagining of a new world as told through the lens of music is always a treat. Contrasting their early work, this electric beat is catchy and memorable. It is completely different from Bastille’s past acoustic style. 

Taken Home – Ninth Sphere

There is a dichotomy between the piano melody and the heftier guitar and screaming parts. It makes a facetious atmosphere blended between light and dark sounds. The group feels this song is the ultimate representation of their style. Out of all the songs on their debut album “Oversoul,” Brian Cravey states the following “If I could only play one song from this album for the rest of my life, Taken Home is it.”

Cologne – beabadoobee

The pinup of female indie-rock has returned. Beabadoobee carries out a song about love and revenge. The full story can be seen throughout the music video. The song will keep listeners on their toes throughout the many drops and guitar solos. Beabadoobee is coming to Toronto later this year which is super exciting. This may be the start of seeing concerts again in Canada.

Don’t fight the feeling – EXO

Obviously, no one breaks streaming records quite like k-pop stans. This music video reached over 30M streams after only two weeks. As always, EXO supplied an amusing electric beat. Additionally, the visuals and choreography are flawless and just easy enough for fans to follow along. The group has been hard at work presenting their newest album. Which is out now.

Age of Regret – Empty Streets

The wait is over. Empty Streets drops their new album” Age of Regret.” The single came out a couple of months ago and served as a light tease of what fans could expect. The song is undutiful and usurp. Furthermore, it powerfully delivers the message of taking back control of one’s own life in contempt for the world around.

Ricky Montgomery – Talk to You

Tiktok heart-throb is back with his latest single “Talk to You.” Ricky has become well-known for his deeply emotionally penetrating lyrics. This song is no different. Ricky’s light voice works perfectly with the plaintive messages he delivers. Additionally, the music video for this one is interesting. It displays images of early 1900s events with an uncomfortable twist. Montgomery’s videos have always been a bit strange. It adds to the charm, but this one takes the cake.

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