New Release Weekend – Vol 9

New Release Weekend – Vol 9 is here and obviously we have new tracks for you to absolutely add to your playlists. Click on the pictures and show them some love.

Sick of the Silence – Mother Mother

Firstly, Mother Mother should be acknowledged for their incredibly unique and distinct style. Upon hearing only a couple songs, one is able to recognize any other song as this group. Their lyrical content, to style and vocals are uncommon. They stand out from others. This new single, is lighter in message than some of their other songs. However it still holds true to the bands roots while being more widely listened to. Definitely, this is a good song for those just getting into the band.

Daydreams / Heartbreaks – HUNNY

An amalgamation of old school MGK with new school Waterparks. HUNNY mixes edgy lyrics with an EDM twist. This song sits right in the center of wanting to dance and wanting to cry. Versatile for both separately or together. This is the first release from the band in 2 years. Great to see the group coming out of the pandemic strong.

Primal Song – MIDHAVEN

The newest single “Primal Song” serves as more of a tasteful tease to their upcoming album. “Of the Lotus & the Thunderbolt” drops worldwide on July 8th and fans can hardly wait! This song is the definition of a heavy-hitting, head-banging song. The strong guitar and drums stay high energy throughout the piece. This is accompanied by extremely varied vocals. A man of multi-tones the switches in sounds is very impressive.

Happy All The Time – Set It Off ft. Compton Kidz Club, Skyer Acord

Set It Off have re-recorded their highly popular song “Happy All The Time.” This time, it is acoustic with many collaborators. The song keeps the same bouncy, and light energy but without the background synths and instrumentals. A perfect song for those who prefer music at its roots.

The Detail – Delta Sleep

This is by far the cruelest music video ever made. 90’s kids will remember the DVD screen where the DVD bounces around and changes color. As kids, it was always so satisfying when it hits the corner perfectly. This video has that but before the chorus just when it’s about to hit the corner, it resets. That is spoiler alert, until the bridge. You will be on the edge of your seat with anxiety. This is also an amazing release of Delta Sleep’s part. A nice soft-rock beat that will make you feel at ease.

Nothing Else Matters – Miley Cyrus ft. Watt, Elton John, Yo-Yo-Ma, Robert Trujillo, Chad Smith

Firstly, this song has an insane lineup. Really iconic names joined forces for this cover. Secondly, it is noticeable that Miley fuses her old and new sounds in “Nothing Else Matters.” It feels like a mix of folk, country, and hard rock. Additionally, Miley’s raspy, deep and clear vocals really suit this style. The video is done in a western-style and feels celebratory of Miley’s roots in music.

Stronger – Cuestack

Cuestack used this song to boost awareness for keeping the music industry alive. They did a Tee-shirt campaign where all the proceeds went to charity. To see the description of the video for more details. The song is hulky with a rich sound. Moreover, it feels futuristic and epic. The band is certainly known for its amazing live shows. Hopefully seeing their shows again is on the horizon

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