New Release Weekend – Vol 6

This is New Release Weekend – Vol 6. Here are some new tracks for your weekend to help your week go a little bit better. Click on each picture to add some new tunes to your old playlist

Pollyanna – Green Day

Green Day is back proving once again that pop punk will never die. However, this song differs from their early 2000s classics such as American Idiot and Boulevard of Broken Dreams. The lyrics are affable and warm. The overall sound of the piece is brighter also, their old grit is replaced by cheerier instrumentals. This is definitely a good song to start with if you have ever wanted to get your friends into Green Day or pop punk in general.

New Release Weekend – Vol 6

Time 2 – half-alive

In the past couple years half-alive have really made a name for themselves for their unique sound and visuals. No longer known for their initial cling to fame, the band has pursued a whole new sound. Time 2 is a funky, electronic tune that is certainly a mind trip to listen to. This is only accompanied by the strangest music video of this year so far. This song is a distinctive experience. I recommend checking it out for yourselves.

New Release Weekend – Vol 6

Telepathy Club – Adventurer

We have another pop-punk release for you guys. The band was formed in 2014, tragically missing the height of pop-punk music. Because of this the band is criminally overlooked. Adventurer is a group of immensely talented musicians. Their songs characteristically include: wide-ranged vocals, complex chord progressions, instrumental solos and profound lyrics. Telepathy Club is a single off their newest album titled: Pacifica. If you like pop-punk, undoubtedly this is a band you should check out.

New Release Weekend – Vol 6

It’s All Happening – Saint Motel

Somehow, we have another song about alien abduction this week. Maybe it’s becoming a theme. “It’s All Happening” Is kicking us off this season. This song feels highly reminiscent of the 2013 mega hit, “Safe and Sound” by Capital Cities. It has that similar brass-jazzy tune that is so incredibly catchy. It is so easy to love and will certainly be a huge dance tune for the summer. The music video is also fun and quirky to watch if you get the chance.

New Release Weekend – Vol 6

See Through – Wilder

Wilder catches the eye with their vibrant imagery and colourful, upbeat melodies. Beyond the surface the lyrical content of their songs is apprehensive and dives into the psyche of the anxious. “See Through” is no different. The song is versatile. It is invigorating but can also be reflected on as the subject discusses feelings of insecurity and inferiorness. The members of Wilder have been tirelessly making music for over 10 years before they settled in this duo. Their craft is highly reflective of their never ending efforts in the music industry.

Aphasia – Vundabar

Any indie enthusiast knows Cigarettes after Sex. They are a staple in the genre. Vundabar is worthy of attention for radiating many of the same vibes. The song builds throughout and drops outright at the end. This style is lovely as it takes the listener on a journey. Riding the wave of the sounds and lyrics the whole way through. Highly recommend this group if you are a fan of Cigarettes after Sex or indie in general.

New Release Weekend – Vol 6

Discarded Flowers – Nightpark

This is the first single by the brand new European band Nightpark. The trio is a rock/indie group whose sound feels earthy and leveled. Stripped to its core this is a classic love song about insecurities and dreaming of what could be. The clear standout in the song is the excellently elocuted vocals. They feel bouncy and fun. Always a treat to catch artists at the beginning of their career. Cannot wait to hear the future releases by this group!

Kaleb Austin – Sun Goes Down

This track is a new fun country tune for the summer. His wife has been leading a social media campaign to help get her husbands music out there to the world to make his dreams come true. Can’t help but love a story like that attached to a great song.

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