New Release Weekend – Vol 7

New Release Weekend – Vol 7 is here and we have a brand new batch of great new music for you to add to your playlists for this week. Click the pictures and show them some love.

Method to the Madness – The Wombats

Thanks to TikTok, The Wombats took off recently. Their 2015 hit “Greek Tragedy” skyrocketing in popularity. Presently, the group releases their latest single “Method to the Madness”. This song embraces a more indie sound. It alters from their past pop-rock singles. The discrete instrumentals let the vocals shine. The range is elocuted clearly and beautifully.

Futureproof – Nothing but Thieves

The upcoming kings of modern rock are back. They proved, once again that they cannot write a bad song. “Futureproof” matches past songs “Unperson” and “Ban All the music” in its rumbustious sound. Their lyrical content continues to not shy from uncovering the surreptitious political issues of our present day. The allegory of their music runs deep enough for individual interpretation of the message.

Show me – Andrew W Boss

A masterful fusion of hard rock and hip-hop in Andrew W Boss’s new song “Show me.” The song pulls sounds from early 2000’s rock similar to Billy Talent and Rise Against. They break from their influences when it comes to lyrical content. “Throw away that broken mindset. Come with me and we’ll touch the sky.” Rock is always full of volition. Finally, it is refreshing to come across a song that channels that energy into an uplifting message.

Day Eraser – Dopesick

The elongated intro serves to build anticipation for the listener for a masseuse of 53 seconds. This makes the drop oh so sweet when it hits. The instrumentals in this song are as aggressive as you would expect from the metal genre. Vocally, however, this is the song for those who enjoy metal without the screaming. The vocalist performs closer to the spoken word than to singing.

Eating Me Alive – Oh! The Horror ft. Kellin Quinn

The contract between Jonathan Hellhouse and Kellin Quinn’s vocals is like night and day. Their voices couldn’t be more different in range and it adds layers to the song. Layering their voices makes for a fuller sound. Additionally, the smooth transition between Quinn’s singing and screaming never ceases to amaze. Quinn has been making his rounds in the hard rock world collaborating with artists. This, indeed, was a match well made hopefully they will record together again in the future.

Bobby Keller – Perpetual Dreams

The electric guitar takes center stage in Bobby Keller’s new song “Perpetual Dreams”. A pure instrumentals-based song is reliant on the compound progressions to carry it through. The song conveys heavy emotion and energy completely independently. For this reason, Keller’s talents demand total attention from the listener as to not miss a single note.

Welcome to the Internet – Bo Burnham

After five years of disappearance from the internet, Burnham has returned with his latest Netflix special “Inside.” The album recently dropped on Spotify and is making waves among Gen Z. Bo has always been an icon for the deeply pessimistic and cynical. This album is no exception. The added bonus of the last year is a rough one in history adding extra spice in its fatalistic messages. “Welcome to the Internet” is the most streamed song on the album for being the most cheery. On the surface it is bubbly and joyous but the lyrics are not so lively. Bo executes his characters very well as a performer.

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