New Release Weekend – Vol 8

New Release Weekend – Vol 8 is here and obviously we have new tracks for you to absolutely add to your playlists. Click on the pictures and show them some love.

Lavender – Unlike Pluto

As far as I know, no English artist has ever written a song to advertise their own self-produced manga. This is certainly revolutionary and fans are eager to get their hands on Dada Immortal. The music video is scenery from the work and serves as a teaser. “Lavender” is as electric-pop vibes that are smooth and easy-going. This is only the tip of what Unlike Pluto has in store for their manga. They are going to be frequent additions over the next month. Hopefully, every song will be as revealing as this one. 


First and foremost, this is a full-length horror film told in the span of 3 minutes. IDKHOW described this new song as “A chilling tale about madness and obsession.” The group frequently divulges into topics such as these. This song recounts a stalker, others have concerned artists and biblical villains. Certainly unusual topics for an upbeat alternative-pop group but it works nevertheless.

Famous Underground – The Dark One of Two

Straight out of our own Toronto Canada, we have Famous Underground’s latest single. “The Dark One of Two” feels like a classic rock through the lens of modern metal. This tune is a bit of a doozy coming in at 5 minutes and ten seconds. Remarkably, the vigor never falls throughout the entire song. Fans are ecstatic about their upcoming music. We are all hoping the band will finally be able to play shows again real soon.

New Release Weekend – Vol 8

Origami – The Rare Occasions

I believe this genre is called beach-indie? No, really this is a perfect summer song with sunny melodies and symbolic lyrics. The guitars and instrumentals are performed in a way similar to a steel pan style. The simplistic but catchy chorus will loop in your mind after just one listen.

New Release Weekend – Vol 8

Can I Leave Me Too? – The Greeting Committee

The Greeting Committee launched an international reach for their feature in the Netflix film: “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before.” Following her romance themes, this song shows a different stage of a relationship. Her new single is about losing your other half, and no longer feeling like yourself. This is a classic Greeting Committee song that anyone who likes their style will enjoy. It keeps the same soft indie sound she is known for.

New Release Weekend – Vol 8

Tell Me – Animals in the Attic

A fuse of R&B with indie. This song feels slow, magical, and temperate. Additionally, the beat will take you straight back to the 1900’s feeling sophisticated and classy. Animals in the Attic are fairly new to the music scene. Their first album has dropped in 2016. Nevertheless, they deserve more attention. Their songs are beautiful and bring jovial moods.

New Release Weekend – Vol 8

Flying Cupid – All Turns to Dust (Ft. Itayil & I Built the Sky)

Flying Cupid just dropped their highly anticipated first album! “All Turns to Dust,” tells the age-old tale of the fleetingness of happiness and life itself. Following the lyrics, the music video displays an elderly man who has lost everyone he’s ever loved. Messages like this put everything in perspective and are healthy to consider once and a while. The visuals, instrumentals, and vocals are executed excellently.

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