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Today we Spotlight – Merci. This band actually came on our radar a little earlier one of our New Release Weekends. I was excited to get to spend a little time chatting with the band to find out a little more about them. Check it out right now!

Tell me about how the band name was chosen? Are there any French speakers among you?

To us Merci is a simple embodiment of the gratitude we hold towards the people who allow us to do what we do.

Tell us about your first experiences with playing music? What fueled your love for it?

We have a variety of experiences, from discovering music independently to being influenced by an older sibling. A lot of our motivation came from us discovering bands/artists that inspired us and attempting to create art that was equally captivating.

As a group formed in D.C., how is the music scene down there? Does your music get infused with tastes of your hometown?

Before the pandemic it was good, we came out of the pop-punk/rock Northern Virginia music scene. Despite how much our sound has evolved I feel like there’s still a rock/live feeling inherent in what we do.

Your group has been given several titles such as indie, synth-pop, and pop-rock. What genre do you most identify with? Who is the intended audience for your music?

It’s difficult to say. We just write music we enjoy without dwelling on how it may be classified. Same applies for the people we write it for, we’re just trying to connect with whoever is listening.

What was you process like in making your first album? Is there specific roles you took over others?

After demoing out a song we would all come together and refine specific elements. Justin and Nick would write bass and guitar lines, Jack would refine drum grooves and fills. And Colby would help elevate vocal melodies.

In 2018 you got that first sweet taste at the touring life. How was that experience?

At the time it was a grind, nevertheless we have the greatest memories from that experience. It really was an adventure.

What’s your thoughts about live stream concerts from this past year or so?

I personally don’t like performing them, they’re nerve wracking all for the wrong reasons and the lack of a live audience is difficult to contend with.

Now that there is hope for live shows again, what can we expect from a Merci show? What would be your dream show to perform?

I think we would love to open up a packed show for a band we really admire. We’re hoping our live show will serve as a captivating representation of the records we make.

All of you come from drastically different musical backgrounds from punk to metal, and pop. How do you balance the creative differences of everyone in the group?

I think we just try our best to integrate the feelings of all those genres into our music. That and make sure each song has a unique character and aesthetic. Some songs may be more pop oriented like “City Haircut”, and others are heavier like “The Palm”

A great Seth quote: “Like a lot of our songs, it was a blind expression of that moment in my life.” Tell us about what moment in your life was also channeled into your latest releases: “The Palm,” and “City Haircut.”

“City Haircut” was sort of written in mockery of myself and a time in which every action I took seemed to generate a new regret. I just generally felt like an idiot. It seemed the best way to circumvent that was to make fun of it. “The Palm”, on the other hand, was written in the middle summer hanging out with Colby listening to Lana Del Rey. I think the intensity and elegance of that song is a cool embodiment of that pre-pandemic moment.

“Haunt Me” was a thrilling phycological horror scene. Now, we have “City Haircut” which is an opalescent dream-pop vibe. You guys really keep fans on their toes with every music video release. Do you find it thrilling to always be doing something different?

Yes, we really admire bands like My Chem who always switched things up between records and had a ton of variety in their sound and visuals. That’s something we find very rewarding.

What areas do you feel you still want to dive into with your music? Any sounds, genres, topics, last but not least aesthetics that you are hoping to explore in future releases?

I think channeling 1960’s/70’s classic rock could be an interesting direction, but who knows!

Your label, Rise Records is home to many established artists. Some of these are Mayday Parade, Crown The Empire, Dance Gavin Dance, and Sleeping with Sirens. Have you had any interactions with artists under your label? Hope to collaborate with any of them?

Not yet however some of us were totally into the metalcore scene back in the 2010’s. I really admire Kellen from MMF’s guitar playing, production and sound design.

What are you guys up to when you aren’t doing music? See family and friends or alternatively is there a hobby you get up to?

Exercise, video games, cooking, wiffle ball bat sword fighting.

Is there something you want the world to know about that has never come up in interviews yet?

The last three videos are shot on an iPhone!

Are there any causes or small businesses that have made the past year really worth it for you?

Downright Merchandise

Lastly what is the best piece of advice you’ve been given that you especially would like to tell the world?

For anyone in the music industry, keep knocking on doors

Spotlight – Merci is a wrap and want to send a thanks for taking the time to chat with us

Check out the new release right now!

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