The Diamond Mine Agency brought the one and only Pouya to town. Mavericks played host to this insane night of music. This one is actually Brandon Bird’s, Owner of The Diamond Mine Agency, favourite artist and he was insanely excited to book him for a few shows.

Hailing from Miami, Pouya has been making waves on the scene since 2011. Elevator Magazine even describes Pouya as having a sound like Bone Thugz n Harmony, molded into his own with a twist. In 2016 he even released his debut studio album which is only helping him gain ground in the industry.


The night started out as most nights do. The crowd started to line up and slowly get more and more hyped up. Midnights Mac and Cheese Cabin was in full swing like usual when at Mavericks. It was going to be an interesting night once again because there is only so much one AC can do for a place jam packed with 300 sweaty people.

Sudden Movement is on deck to get the people started. These boys are always working hard and totally know how to kill the stage. They spit their signature flow and the fans ate it up. One of the harder working collectives in the city by far!

Pouya Tour Support

Once Sudden finished up it was time for Boobie and Ramirez who were tagging along on this tour. Never really having heard much from these guys they certainly put it all out there. The went nuts with the fans and absolutely got everyone going just a little insane.

It came time for the man of the hour and Pouya hit the stage. The whole night was basically a moss pit show down as Pouya destroyed the stage. He played some of the newer tracks which are gaining massive popularity with the fans, but people came out hoping to hear a few key tracks. As the night went on Boobie and Ramirez but came out to smash the stage. They each did their own tracks with Pouya and the fans went nuts.

Special Guest

In a random twist a special guest snuck in the back and jumped on stage. Night Lovell set the crowd off on a whole new level. He rocked a couple of his own tracks and then preformed his track with Pouya, and the crowd moshed like never before. To end out the night he made sure to give the fans just what they wanted. South Side Suicide, Cold Turkey and 1000 Rounds shook the whole building.

If you are a fan of these guys you can’t tell me, you left this show without a smile on your face and maybe a few bumps from the pit. We have to say thank you to Brandon and The Diamond Mine Agency for bring all these amazing shows to us.

Pouya - Tour Poster
Pouya – Tour Poster
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