Bluesfest 2019 – Day 3

Bluesfest 2019 Day 3 – What a Day! Today was pretty awesome, less humidity and a gentle breeze made for a pretty fine day for a festival. Day 3 if im not mistaken is the longest day of the whole week starting at 330pm.

There is a pretty packed schedule and we were determined to hit as much of it as we could.

Renee Landry

Renee Landry - Bluesfest 2019 - Day 3

Starting out the day is Renee Landry. This is my first time experiencing this pop artist from right here in Ontario.

She surprisingly delivered a dynamic performance. She has a funky kind of Pop sound to her which made this opening pretty enjoyable actually.

Like a lot of the other artists this year Renee came loaded with her band and a small horn section. You could say this is the year of the horn for sure!

Rebecca Noelle

Rebecca Noelle - Bluesfest 2019 - Day 3

I decided to take a stop into the Bluesville stage right after and got to check out Rebecca Noelle.

I had yet to have shot on this stage but I sure enjoyed it. We were under a big tent, the lighting was amazing and there was even some seats to take a load off while we waited.

Rebecca hit the stage and her loyal fans were right there waiting. This was another one I have never heard of but she boasts a pretty stellar resume.

She belted out some amazing jazzy tunes and had the whole crowd grooving along with her. This one was another pleasant surprise me and I will certainly be looking out for more.

Moscow Apartment

Moscow Apartment - Bluesfest 2019 Day 3

This next act is relatively new on the scene but certainly making waves in the indie/folk music world.

The young duo of the Moscow Apartment performed on the City Stage. Now folk music isn’t really my cup of tea but I try to look at everything objectively. For a young band they certainly knew how to play some music and as they got a little more comfy on the big stage you could see them opening up more.

They put their hearts and soul in their music and you can feel it in the performance.

They may not have had the biggest crowd being one of the earlier acts of the day but the fans that were there got a good show.

The Beths

The Beths

Ryan got here just in time so we could split and get more coverage. He headed over to the VideoTron stage to check out The Beths.

This stage makes for a more intimate performance especially for a 4 piece band like this one.

From what I understand they are long time friends and you can tell this by their music.

With a smooth flow of indie rock mixed with some jazz influences you can really find something to enjoy in this music.

The Texas Horns


KALLITECHNIS - Bluesfest 2019

I stopped in at the VideoTron stage to catch KALLITECHNIS. There was a little issue with the audio set up but that was short lived.

The band started to play and KALLITECHNIS hit the stage. Both beautiful and dynamic, she brings a brightness to stage she hits, if you don’t believe me check out her outfit. She started grooving and her beautiful voice had the fans excited.

She brings a playful feel to an R&B vibe which makes for easy listening. With her fan base actively growing it’s not hard to see this Montreal native moving up in the ranks of the R&B world.

Keep an eye out for sure.



Its Bluesfest 2019 day 3 and it’s time to bring on the rock and roll. PUP is on deck at the City Stage where Ryan was ready for them.

Coming off a serious vocal cord issue, PUP is back and just as if they never had to stop. This Toronto based band brings a dynamic punch and visceral sound which sets them apart from most.

The monitor came on and the crowd erupted. The band did an amazing job connecting with the fans and they showed their love rocking out and singing along with them every step of the way.

In a twist we found out that after their set at Bluesfest they decided to stop in at Ottawa’s House of Targ for a surprise performance.

Dawn Tyler Watson

Dawn Tyler Watson - Bluesfest 2019

I made my way back over to the Bluesville stage once again to check out Dawn Tyler Watson.

I was pretty excited about this stage as I’m sure you can tell with the number of stops made here. Hailing from Montreal she has carved out her place in the Blues world over her career.

I have to admit I never really thought about seeing Blues live but I have been missing out! Dawn took the stage and the energy started right away.

A loyal fanbase was on hand to cheer her along as she grooved along with her lead guitarist. The played that stage with energy and experience like only a true veteran in the industry could.

Very exciting set for sure.

Taking Back Sunday

Taking Back Sunday - Bluesfest 2019

We got a taste of Rock and Roll earlier but the night was quickly coming to a close and we just didn’t have enough yet. In enters Taking Back Sunday.

We wanted rock and we got what we asked for. The crowd was already getting pretty excited but when the boys hit the stage they went nuts.

Lead vocalist Adam Burbank Lazzara does what he does best and rocked the stage. Flanked by Shaun Cooper on bass, John Nolan on guitar and drummer Mark O’Connell they shook the stage and rocked the house down. I was asked a head of time what some of the people should expect and I simply said, “An actual rock and roll show!”

They played some of their signature tracks and left us only wanting more at the end.

One of my favorite things, and every concert photographers’ favorite things, was trying to catch that perfect action shot as Adam tossed that mic around like he was some sort of ninja!

I got some decent ones but still missing that perfect shot.

The Turbans

The Turbans

There was a small break in the acts, so I was able to quickly run over and catch a little bit of The Turbans.

I wanted to check them out because I heard how unique they were compared to anything else we had going on. The British based band is ripe with Middle Eastern, European and African influences. These guys were certainly unique and had some pretty awesome suits on that would even give Don Cherry a run for his money.

I wasn’t able to catch the full set but what I can tell you is these guys have a blast playing together and love what they do, you can tell just by watching.

They are amazing musicians and can seamlessly mix all those aspects into a stellar show. Hopefully this won’t be the last time they come to Ottawa.

The Glorious Sons

The Glorious Sons

It’s now time for the main event and what everyone has been waiting for. The Glorious Sons are up next, and the crowd came out to show its love.

It was the perfect time of day; the sun had set and there was a nice breeze even with a little heat in the air. The lights came on the back wall and the crowd went nuts. Once the first track started you knew you were in for a treat. People were a little unsure about how good the show would be with Brett Emmons being sober now, but he didn’t miss a step. Brett jumped down from the big stage on to the speakers and engaged the crowd.

Fans sang along to every song including a chant that started up for White Noise! They may not have had the crowd that Eric Church had but they certainly did not disappoint.

With a great end to a nice day I can’t help but look forward for what’s up on day 4. On deck we have The Killers for a headline act to close out the day! Stay tuned for more

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