Bluesfest 2019 – Day 4

Bluesfest 2019 Day 4 is done. I took a little break this morning to recharge so this review is coming out a little later then others. It was another hot day but actually not unbearable because of the gentle breeze off the water.

Day 4 was full of interesting acts including The Killers to close out the night.

River City Junction

River City Junction - Bluesfest 2019 day 4

To start things out I hit up the VideoTron Stage to catch River City Junction.

This 3-piece Blues/Rock group might not have had the biggest crowd to start out the day but that didn’t stop them.

The dedicated fans were already on site and even yelling out requests before the show started. Oddly enough one of the requests was Voodoo Lady which turned out to be the first song on deck.

By the end of their set they had attracted a decent sized crowd at the stage which just goes to show you that good music brings the masses.

William Prince

William Prince - Bluesfest 2019 day 4

Morgan was on deck to catch the Juno award winning Indigenous artist William Prince.

His set was at the Bluesville Stage which made for a more intimate show.

He had a nice calm atmosphere and a soothing voice while lead to an enjoyable listen. Hailing from Manitoba you can tell he takes pride in everything about his culture and his music.

Looking forward to seeing more from this young man on his journey.

The Proven Ones

The Proven Ones - Bluesfest 2019 Day 4

The Proven Ones took over the VideoTron stage right around the same time, so I made sure to catch them.

This Blues group boasts a pretty deep resume of legendary musicians.

If you are a fan of Blues, then you wouldn’t dare miss this set.

Brian Templeton brought his legendary voice out right away as the fans started gathering. This didn’t have the biggest stage to work with having a 6-piece band, but they made it work.

I enjoyed it right from soundcheck to the main set. Great show guys.


James - Bluesfest 2019 Day 4

Up next is James on the City Stage and Morgan made sure to be there for this one. One of Britain’s longest-term indie rock bands they are on studio album number 15.

The crowd was already getting pretty big at this point which was prefect because they were in for a treat. They rocked out to some of the best songs and the crowd loved it.

Tim Booth was his dynamic self flowing around the stage and even singing into a blue bullhorn into the mic. You could tell that the fans loved every second of it and the band loved playing.

Justin Saladino

Justin Saladino - Bluesfest 2019 Day 4

Justin Saladino is up next at the Bluesville stage.

This guy has a real Blues feel to him with subtle hints of rock and even country. His band tagged along with him and filled the stage with some good tunes.

The fans crowed the barricade and made sure Justin felt right at home. He played some of his signature tracks with people danced and sang along.

Looking forward to more from this guy.

Bad Child

Bad Child - Bluesfest 2019 Day 4

Bad Child is next in line and Morgan was on deck. She made her way over to the VideoTron stage for this one.

Because the evening was getting later the crowd had been steadily filling up for a while so Bad Child was able to capitalize on this.

His energetic stage presence drew in more and more people making a pretty decent turn out.

There was lots of crowd engagement and you could tell the fans enjoyed it just as much as they did.

Psychedelic Furs

Psychedelic Furs

Psychedelic Furs are the last big stop before the main event of the night! Anyone who is an alt-rock fan is probably aware of who these guys are.

The massive crowd filled the field of the City Stage where this band called home for the night. This band as been through its trials and has remained a house hold name for many.

They played some of the greatest hits including Pretty in Pink and Richard Butler was absolutely loving the stage.

The fans were going nuts the whole time singing along and dancing around young and old a-like. I stuck around for most of the show just because they were fun to watch live.

It’s not every day you get to see some of the greats like this.

Carleton County Crew

Carleton County Crew - Bluesfest 2019 Day 4

Now we were denied access to shoot The Killers so us photographers made our way over to the Bluesville stage to finish out the last few acts.

This one wasn’t originally on my radar, but we ended up checking out the Carleton County Crew.

This is a group of young fiddlers and traditional step dancers. They put on a showcase for us all that’s for sure.

They showed off a few different routines and played some amazing fiddles which left everyone impressed.

This was actually the perfect way to open up for the last final act of the night playing the same time as the headlining Killers.

Ashley MacIsaac

Ashley McIsaac

Ashley MacIsaac is the last one of the night for Bluesfest 2019 Day 4

Anyone from the Maritimes should know this one and his mastery of the fiddle.

The stage was empty all except for a couple of mic stands, a fiddle and a small set up for the beat making accompaniment.

Ashley told us a few small stories about his craft and explaining the next songs. He started out slowly with a rendition of La Mers es Belle and quickly followed into some of the hi paced insane fiddling true fans have come to love.

A true piece of Canadian music excellences this was certainly one not to miss.

I am glad I finally got to see him live because I’ve been a fan for a while.

The Killers

Even though we didn’t get to shoot The Killers we stuck around a while for the show.

The crowd was coming out in droves for this one and you could tell they were all dedicated fans.

They played all their best hits and fans couldn’t help but dance and sing along.

Brandon Flowers was chatting up the fans and made a point to tell them all that he wanted them to go home saying they killed the show.

The thousands of fans made this probably one of the best shows the festival will see unless the Backstreet come ready to play.

To top of the night what better than some blasts from the confetti canons!

The Killers - Bluesfest 2019 Day 4

It was nice to be able to refresh after Bluesfest 2019 Day 4 and get ready for the remainder of the festival. We are looking forward to the upcoming days including The Offspring, Alexisonfire and obviously the Backstreet Boys. Who are you excited to see left on the schedule?

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