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Sam Roberts & The Trews in Halifax ​

Saturday night at the Scotiabank Centre in Halifax was nothing short of a whirlwind of excitement. Amidst the festive chaos of the Halifax Christmas Parade and the lively atmosphere of Q104’s 40th-anniversary birthday bash at the arena, the energy was palpable. Halifax was in for a treat with an impressive lineup of Canadian musical talent. 

Campbell & Johnston

Kicking off the night was Campbell & Johnston, a dynamic husband-and-wife rock and roll duo hailing from Halifax. Their award-winning performance, accompanied by a talented band, set the perfect tone for the evening. Guitar solos and electrifying vocals reverberated through the venue, creating an atmosphere enhanced by the wafting scent of burning incense.

The Trews

Following suit were the renowned Cape Breton legends, The Trews. Making my debut witnessing their live performance, I found myself captivated from start to finish. Colin MacDonald’s vocals reached new heights as the night unfolded. The band delivered iconic hits like “Paranoid Freak” and “Highway of Heroes,” keeping the audience spellbound. Guitar solos seamlessly intertwined with the crowd’s enthusiastic singing, reaffirming why The Trews have achieved platinum status and garnered numerous Juno Award nominations. 

Sam Roberts Band

As the night progressed, the stage was handed over to Montreal natives, the Sam Roberts Band. Despite encountering some technical difficulties, the band displayed unwavering professionalism, keeping the crowd engrossed with their infectious rock and roll vibes. The audience reveled in the pleasure of hearing and singing along to their catchy tunes, proving that the Sam Roberts Band knows how to leave a lasting impression. 

On a night filled with stellar performances, Halifax witnessed a celebration of Canadian music that left a lasting resonance in the hearts of all those fortunate enough to be present at the Scotiabank Centre. ​

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