Sebastian Bach

Former Skid Row front man Sebastian Bach brings his solo tour to a stop in Ottawa along with Bobby Jarzombek on the drums, Rob De Luca on bass and Brent Woods as lead and rhythm guitar.

The Standstills opened up the night for Bach and made sure to get the crowd pumped. The duo was new for me but you can tell they had a connection with their music and it showed with how well the crowd took to them.

The Standstills

The Standstills

Bach performed many iconic covers from Skid Row such as Slave to the Grind, 18 and Life and Monkey Business. He also threw in two original solo songs from his own album Kicking and Screaming just to spice it up a little bit.

Sebastian Bach

Dance on your Grave and Dream Forever were played near the beginning to then fire up the crowd. Later came some of the well-known Skid Row songs. Last time Sebastian Bach sold out in Ottawa was in 2016.

Now, he played to a dedicated and familiar audience but with a fresh atmosphere. He takes us on a nostalgic road trip, proving rock and roll is in fact, not dead. The underlying theme of the night was that life is short and unpredictable. Bach conveyed that message throughout the night in tribute of his late friend Vinny Paul. A trait Bach possesses is genuinely connecting with the crowd. Artists would be no where if it wasn’t for their fans. It is nice to see some reciprocated appreciation with the audience.

When an artist interacts with the crowd, it makes the experience so much more meaningful. Bach did not fail to do this. He even managed to grab a copy of his own book, 18 and Life on Skid Row, that a fan was holding up near the front row. Sebastian Bach’s high-spirited and charismatic self-put on an impactful and unforgettable show!

When Bach plays his tracks like Youth Gone Wild and I Remember You it brings back that instant nostalgic feeling and for those who grew up with Skid Row fall right back into in with no problem at all.

Sebastian Bach Live

The end of the night the crowd left happy and Bach put on yet another killer show. The Diamond Mine Agency does it again.

Sebastian Bach Tour Poster
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