Randy’s Cheeseburger Picnic

We all love the Trailer Park Boys and watching just one episode will remind you of why. The schemes that Ricky, Julien and Bubbles plot against Mr Lahey & Randy and deploy are almost as legendary as their catch phrases.

Now, I am not trying to stone two birds at once, but one of the most under rated characters on the show is our belly bulging buddy Randy. The chemistry he showed with his cast mate character Jim Lahey was unmatched and was on full display to myself in person back in 2015.

Mr. Lahey – RIP

Sadly, as we all know, actor John Dunsworth sadly passed away in 2017 and I was unsure how Randy was going to pull off the show without him. The answer? Randy’s Cheeseburger Picnic! Through hilarious stand-up routines, comical stories, silly adult orientated contests and lots of fan interaction.

Randy’s Cheeseburger Picnic

The Q&A section was equally as funny as some of the questions were just absurd. Randy would sometimes seem confused as to the point of a particular question, and then proceed to make up a hilarious answer just to please the crowd.

I was surprised though that he was extremely uncomfortable being shirtless the majority of the time filming the series. He was very self-conscience about his body, but stated that once all of Canada has seen your bare belly, who really cares anymore?

The Dirty Burgers

The Koven provided some specialty “Dirty Burgers” available at the venue that night. It wouldn’t be Randy’s Cheeseburger Picnic without a good Dirty Burger.

Randy got to dancing, singing and just generally being the loveable goof ball we all expected on stage. At one point he did rip off those pants and get into a little tussle with his touring partner Shel but don’t worry they were fine. They even had their towel boy on call to wipe up all the greasiness from Randy when he called.

They gave out T-Shirts for the biggest belly competition and ate and drank the night away.

Cheeseburger Picnic

After that end of the night we brought Randy and Shel over to The Koven. We got to sit and have a beer with the boys and just finish off the night on a good note. I look forward to the next time the boys come back to town.

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