Joyner Lucas

Once I was told Joyner Lucas was coming to town I was for sure going to be a part of that show. Joyner was going viral with his track “I’m Not Racist” on YouTube and this tour was set to be an event not to miss.

Joyner, the Massachusetts native, went by several names before settling with his current one and after releasing several mix tapes he was finally hitting the big stage and getting noticed. Lucas and Chris Brown started a collaboration project called Angels & Demons which was announced in February.

The Bourbon Room was the new venue selected to host the show. For those who know Bourbon Room might not be the biggest venue but it is home to 90% of Ottawa’s hip-hop acts not destined for the big stadiums. Joyner and his team came with a full stage kit and proceeded to build a 7 foot LED wall around the back of the stage. It was something to see for sure.

The lineup was already down the block as the night started and there was a small surprise for Ottawa that no one knew was going to happen. Edmonton native, and one of the members of Doom Squad, Kryple stopped by and got on stage to open up the night with a few of his crew. The crowd was shocked and started off the night on the right foot to say the least.

Another recent addition to the night was hip-hop heavy weight, Ottawa’s own Swisha T who has been working on new tracks. Swisha came in typical fashion and killed the stage setting up the crowd for Joyner coming up next.

Now there was a few problems with the stage show at the start, that Joyner’s Tour manager mentioned after was something wrong with their set up, but once it started the crowd went nuts. Singing along with all the songs and rocking out the whole night. Joyner is a story teller and is very particular about how his show goes and you can see that he takes pride in all his work.

The load out at the end of the night was a hell of a lot easier than the load in and the building but the crew at The Diamond Mine Agency are insanely good at what they do and took it like champs and got it done.

All and all it was a hectic show but the crowd left happy and with some memories they would not forget. We look forward to seeing just what Joyner will do in the future.

Joyner Lucas Tour Poster

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