Snak The Ripper

Snak the Ripper stopped by Ottawa on his “From the Dirt Tour” and this was the first time I had heard of Snak.

A native of BC, Snak the Ripper has been a part of Canadian hip-hop for many years. He is a founding member of The Stompdown Killaz hip-hop collective. He brought Golden and Junk along with him as tour support, both of which are part of the western Canada hip-hop scene.

The release of “From the Dirt” debuted at #1 on iTunes hip-hop and rap charts and garnered some Western Canadian Music Awards nominations.

Golden and Junk

This show was being held at The Bourbon Room which is home to most of the hip-hop shows that come out of Ottawa. The night started out with some of Ottawa’s locals opening up while the crowd started to fill in. Those who know Ottawa know that people don’t always turn up right at the start but the locals made the best of what they had and sold themselves to the crowd that they had.

Snak arrived at the venue early and stuck around to see some of the openers doing their thing on stage. While some of them weren’t cutting it others held their own and made a good impression and showed just what Ottawa has to offer for young up and coming talent. I won’t mention who but Snak had to give me a signal to chop one of the acts because they were just making fools of themselves on stage.

Once Golden and Junk took the stage the crowd had filled in pretty nicely. They were treated to a show for sure. There was climbing on parts of the stage, jumping off barriers and just the start of a wild night to come.

Snak the Ripper

Snak hit the stage and instantly had the crowd rocking out with his signature style… a little bit of grimy sound and some fast and hard lyrics. Ottawa certainly enjoyed having Snak here and I know I’ll be at his next show when he is back in town. Thank you to The Diamond Mine Agency for bringing us the shows they do.

Snak The Ripper - Tour poster
Snak the Ripper – From the Dirt Tour poster
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