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If you are a true fan of hip-hop then you will 100% know the name Snoop Dogg. The Diamond Mine Agency invited us out to Toronto to take part in this epic level show.

Snoop Dogg – Doggystle

Snoop Dogg - Tour

Snoop Dogg is on tour proudly celebrating 25 years of Doggystyle which was produced by Dr. Dre and released by Death Row Records back in 1993.

The California native is known as a pinnacle in the hip-hop world being connected to artists such as NWA, Tupac and Biggie Smalls. Even though Snoop has 17 Grammy nominations he has yet to take home the prize. This hasn’t stopped him from chalking up a rather long list of accolades all his own including in November 2018 getting his own star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Doggystyle continued the development of the west coast hip-hop style following the release of Dr Dre’s The Chronic in 2012, which Snoop contributed on greatly. Since its release, Doggystyle has earned recognition as one of the most significant albums of the decade as well as being called one of the most important hip-hop albums ever released. This was one of the dominant factors which made West Coast Hip-hip a mainstream success in the early nineties.

The Tour

Snoop Dogg Live

With several dates under his belt already on this leg of the tour, Snoop hit Toronto for the long weekend and the city was stirring. The venue for the night was the massive Rebel Night Club. We don’t have places like this in Ottawa so it was certainly amazing checking out a place on that scale. The weekend was packed with events including the Toronto Raptors wining a massive game 3 vs the Milwaukee Bucks’ this was followed up with Sean Paul selling out Rebel. Then you can’t forget Cabana Beach party going on during the day. With all that going on what a way to finish out the weekend with an epic show from the Doggfather himself.

We got to the venue early and helped set up the various green rooms and get everything in order then came the time for doors to open. A steady stream of people started to fill the massive venue.

Hosting the night was the beautiful Stacee Brizzle and Dan Levielle. They were in charge of making sure the crowd was getting ready for an epic night. Dan just so happened to bring a friend along with him. Choclair hit to stage to say hey to his home town of Toronto and make sure the fans were ready for an epic night. A couple other noteabe names in attendance was west coast rapper Merkules and also Jackie Childs.

Snoop Dogg – Opening Acts

Toronto’s own Peter Jackson was set to start out the night. He brought along the ever so lovely Chrissy Spratt to help him out on stage. Peter hit hard with his signature style and Chrissy made everyone fall in love with her beautiful voice. Peter brought out a surprise guest for everyone. Top 5, another local Toronto artist hit the stage and the crowd went nuts.

It was time for the main event and the packed out was ready. Snoop hit the stage and the place exploded. The mixed crowd with both young and old fans and every one of them didn’t miss a single beat . Snoop played all the greatest tracks from the Doggystyle album including “Who am I” and “Gin and Juice”. Snoop took a second to pay some respect to some fallen legend including Tupac, Biggie Smalls and most recently Nipsy Hustle.

This whole set list was nothing short of an amazing throwback to the nostalgic hip-hop I grew up listening to. I won’t lie I was in the back grooving to every track and singing along with every line. Snoop brought along Warren G and some of the Dog Pound to give him a hand on stage. Warren G rocked his iconic track Regulate which as so amazing.

End of the night Snoop ended with a stripped down version of the Young Wild and Free hook celebrating the fact that weed was officially legal.

This was by far one of my favorite shows I’ve ever been a part of and solidified my love of the old school hip-hip.

Snoop Dogg - Tour Poster
Snoop Dogg – Tour Poster
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