Spencer Rice – Solo Music Tour

I had been watching the hit show Kenny Vs. Spenny since the inception of the show in 2002.  I was blown away when I first heard Spenny play the guitar and sing on the Spencer Rice – Solo Music Tour. It shows how our perceptions of those we watch playing a role on television, actually affects our views of that person in real life.

Spenny 2

I had always viewed Spenny as an awkward pushover. He could do nothing more than humiliate himself for the sake of fame and the almighty dollar. I am sure that if I were to take a step back and actually try to analyze what he has done to make his show and other ventures successful, I would likely not perceive him in this light, however that view just wouldn’t be as much fun.

Kenny vs Spenny

The audience consisted of mostly hardcore Kenny fans and would often berate Spenny with insults between songs.  Spenny just brushed it off and performed his set like a professional. Every song was met with cheers and applause. This goes to show that the audience is aware that his character has a specific role to play in the hit show, and that they can appreciate raw talent despite his many television gimmicks.

Spencer Rice – Solo tour

Spenny played songs from a genre of music that I must admit I am not well versed in. This wasCountry and Blues so I can’t tell you if he did them justice or not. I can say that he played them well and it sounded good. I was able to identify of few cover songs such as Cocaine Blues, which was made famous by Johnny Cash in the early 60’s. Also Stray Cat Blues which was a Rolling Stone original.


The songs he performed were not overly complicated but it did showcase his multi-instrument talent. He strummed his acoustic guitar while belting some folky harmonica tunes between verses. I was glad I was able to attend this show as a fan. I was able to see Spenny in a different light, however his performance was no better than any regular Joe playing a small bar venue on an open stage night.

He did fall into some of the typical Kenny vs Spenny traps with fans chanting Grandpa, Grandpa amongst other things. He even at one point, after having a few shots, strapped a stuffed octopus to his head to play.

Overall it was a decent night and I had a few laughs and a few cold ones. We ended the night at Dunns with Spenny for something amazing food before calling it and heading home

Spencer Rice - Tour Poster
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