Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly was coming to town and I was finally going to see him live and in person. Of course he comes with a very dynamic stage presence and makes sure to get the fans going from start to finish.

Machine Gun Kelly - Ottawa - Swift Crew and Young Astronomer opening
Machine Gun Kelly

Colson Baker, aka MGK, is a Cleveland Ohio resident. He is just coming off his release of third studio album titled “Bloom”. This was followed up by the smash hit “Bad Things” with Camila Cabello. As a result, the song peaked at number 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 which was his highest charting single.

MGK is also an actor staring in a few films such as Beyond the Lights, Nerve and Viral.

Some of Ottawa’s seasoned acts were given the green light. They hit the stage and made sure the crowd was properly warmed up for the main even.

Opening Acts

The night started off with the boys from Swift Crew. They came at it right away with their signature style and sound. Young Astronomer, Smooth C, Cub K and also New Age Hippie amped up and where they needed to for the next act to hit the stage. Next up is Ottawa Heavy weight Swisha T. Swish has been a vet in the Ottawa scene for years and, of course, well respected by all. He hit the stage and let the crowd have a taste of just how powerful his lyrical moves can be.

The local crowd ate up the opening acts and were just getting started with the excitement.

Machine Gun Kelly

It was now time for the main event. MGK hits the stage in typical fashion with high energy and unique stage props. He has a shotgun built into his mic stand which I personally thought was badass. He also dawned a custom Ottawa Senators Jersey to show a little love for the city he was playing in. I’m sure he has a whole room of jerseys for all the shows has played.

End of the night it was a killer show and consequently, Congrats to MGK on the success he is having with Bloom and looking forward to more.

Tour Poster - MGK - Swift Screw with Young Astronomer
Machine Gun Kelly – Tour Poster
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