La Coka Nostra

La Coka Nostra came to town and it brought out all the old school fans. With members like Ill Bill, Slaine, Danny Boy and DJ Lethal you don’t sleep on this event. For the first time ever, these guys came to Ottawa thanks to The Diamond Mine Agency and The Bourbon Room played host for the night.

Their first album called “A Brand You Can Trust” was released in 2009 under Suburban Noize Records and took a while to complete because Danny Boy made sure they all were together in the album when working instead of email colabs. The album featured guest spots with people like Snoop Dogg, B-Real and Immortal Technique to name a few.

Ottawa locals chomped at the bit to get their chance to open the night for the OGs of Hip-hop and several were given that shot. Swift Crew, Frank Blak, FallenOnes, C-Note and Leon ‘fa du Fond hit the stage and one after another they performed their best tracks to the crowd and involved them by jumping off the stage into the pit to rock with them or getting them pumped with the lyrics of the MCs. The line-up went as follows Leon ‘fa du Fond, FallenOnes, C-Note, Swift Crew and finally Frank Blak.

It was time for the boys to hit the stage and the crowd piled in from outside and pushed to the front of the stage. It was a packed house and people were getting hyped. Once La Coka Nostra hit the stage the crowd erupted. They rocked out from the first minute and were hyped with every single song. Playing songs of their albums like Bang Bang, Cousin of Death and Murder World ,they kept the fans happy for the whole night.

At the end they had a meet and greet, and the diehard fans got the chance to meet the hip-hop legends and get their merch signed and pictures taken. This was the best night of some of these fans lives and La Coka Nostra were genuinely good guys and made sure to take a moment with each fan that stopped by.

I for one was happy I got to meet them and will look forward to the next time I get a chance to see them.

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