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It’s a new year and our first of 2021 is Spotlight – Christee Palace. Christee is a Hidden Beats alumni so what a better way to start off the new season checking in with one of our favorite up and coming artists. We got to sit down and chat about the new single What Have You Done To Me. Check out what Christee had to say!

You recently dropped your new single ‘What Have You Done to Me’. How do you think the song shows your growth as an artist from some of your previous work?

I think this song is the most raw and personal I have ever been with a song. All my songs are super personal, but I really wanted to dive into my deepest darkest demons in this circumstance and allow the listener to be on that journey with me. I have become more open with being vulnerable with my listeners. 🙂

The tone is quite sultry. Is this newer more developed sound a direction you are heading in?

I’d say it definitely represents what my mental and emotional state was at the time. I wanted both the lyrics and production of the song to really capture that. Moving forward you can definitely expect more of this.

You and your partner Jaden shot the music video together. As a long-time collaborator of yours what was it like to work with someone who knows you so well?

I don’t think there is a better scenario, honestly. Because he does know me so well, we are able to put our creative ideas together so magically. I am lucky — he really takes the time to listen to me and know what I want without getting impatient or having his feelings hurts (gosh that is sooo important!!). I always feel like I can be real with him.

Is it difficult to maintain a home-work life balance between you?

It definitely comes with challenges, but honestly, I just think of the fact that the rest of the world is basically in the same position (if not worse) and it tends to help put things into perspective for me. I am just happy to be able to stay in Toronto and keep working to make music and get it out there.

You and your family are quite close. How has the importance of family changed for you during Covid, and how are things with everyone back home?

I would say that the importance of family has never and will never change for me. If anything, being away makes me value and appreciate them even more. I even have a tattoo that says, “family first.” They are doing great by the way. I miss them.

2020 we all went digital. How do you find the switch to performing online and doing zoom shows?

I mean, I definitely won’t lie.. it’s just not the same. I’m grateful that we have the means to continue performing in some capacity, but there’s really nothing like a live show. I miss performing on a stage SO much. I just can’t wait for things to go back to normal so I can feel that rush again.

Speaking of online shows and rescheduling of our lives. As an artist, is it difficult planning for the future? How are you managing?

Oh, absolutely it is. Every artist has their goals, but as an independent artist trying to navigate a completely different musical world, yes, it is quite difficult at times. I’ve just been working extremely hard developing myself as a musician and writer so when all of this blows over, I will be ready. I take things day by day and have smaller goals to help push myself forward.

Your last EP ‘Harden My Heart’ released back in 2019. Can we expect a new album from you this year? You have been teasing us for so long!

Haha!! That is such a huge goal of mine. I will say that I definitely have enough songs for a full length. There may be an opportunity there……. 🙂

Holding your fans over, you released a few Christmas tracks. What is the pivot like between going from your own music to covers of iconic tracks?

I absolutely LOVE Christmas time. Since this year has been somewhat of a gong show, I actually told my dad that I wanted to do Christmas songs specifically with him— for those that don’t know, my dad pretty much taught me everything I know with music. He has been recording my voice since I was a little girl, and given the current state of the world, it was important to me to collaborate with my dad and feel a little closer to home.

Is there more pressure since they are well known? Or can you be a bit more fun with it?

Honestly, I didn’t feel pressure at all. I realize that some Christmas classics just cannot be redone haha, but I think adding your own flavour and vibe to a classic is the beauty of music. I was excited to add my own twist on the classics, and also get some of my dad’s influence in there as well.

What is one thing you wish that people knew about performing that you constantly must correct/educate?

That it comes easily. After years and years of performing experience, you finally reach a point where you are 100% comfortable and don’t even have to think about it anymore. But it certainly didn’t start out that way. I have been performing since I was about 7 years old. I’d say the more you can perform, the better. You learn a lot about yourself and develop your on stage “persona” so much easier. 🙂

What are some forms of selfcare that are helping you stay grounded this winter? And you cannot cheat and say music!

Oh, there’s so many. I’m a huge mental health advocate, and I have my own struggles. As you said, it is SO important to have things that help you stay grounded. I read, workout daily, drink lots of water, openly talk about my emotions and how I’m feeling, and of course writing a ton. The more I write the more I am able to connect with myself and learn how this world is affecting me currently. It’s so important to take care of yourself right now!

What words of encouragement would you give to folx for staying healthy and happy during Covid winter?

I think this kind of goes hand in hand with the previous question… honestly just don’t allow yourself to get too caught up in the fact that there are many unknowns right now. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed. Try instead to gravitate towards things that make you better in all aspects, like eating better, staying active and exercising, journaling, talking to someone if you are struggling, and most of all, not being ashamed that you may be struggling. We all are in some way.

Lastly as always, our favorite independent and smaller businesses have been hit hard this Covid season. What are some of your local favorite places to hype up and give a shout out to?

OF COURSE! It’s so awesome that you do this. My favourite places of all time are Kinton Ramen (still hasn’t changed), Dineen Coffee, and Sweat & Tonic. I try my best to get out there are try other local places that are still open. I wish them the best!!!

With the Spotlight – Christee Palace in the books we want to give a her a big shout out for chatting with us.

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