Well folks it’s time for another great night of music and this time we have a good one Tebey is coming to town Ottawa with The Good Ones tour along with Matt Lang. Sometimes this city can be a hit or miss for country shows but Algonquin College had their hands full with this sell out. It was a cold snowy night but the fans packed the theatre and showed some true country love on this night for sure.

Tebey, who hails from Peterborough, for those who don’t know is a well versed writer having a rather amazing group of artists record his songs. Flo Rida, Fifth Harmony and even One Direction have been blessed with his writing and producing skills. Along for the ride is Matt Lang who is no slouch in his own right. Matt is a dynamic artist from Quebec and has been making a name for himself with his first English album hitting #1 on iTunes for several weeks. The guys had a small meet and greet before the show with an intimate acoustic set.

Matt Lang

Matt is starting out the night and warming up the crowd for Tebey. If you haven’t seen him live then you are missing out. This man is very fun to watch and listen to. Using the whole stage he took the fans on a ride of country music fun. You know you are having a good start to the night when you even have the sound guys dancing and singing along. Let me ask you this question….have you ever seen someone play a guitar….with another guitar? Well I can now say that I did. Pretty awesome start to the night.


Now it’s time for the headliner of the night Tebey himself. The crowd was already in the right frame of mind which made Tebey’s job and easy one. He played some of his signature tracks including Who’s Gonna Love Me, Somebody Else Will and Denim on Denim. Everyone was on their feet for this one dancing anywhere they could find a place and singing along with every note. He also took the time to make sure to interact with fans grabbing as many hands as he could reach and connecting with them. There was a big surprise when Ottawa local Brea Lawrenson joined him on stage.

As a first time headliner it was amazing to see Tebey have a full house like he did. Matt Lang for sure won some new fans over as well. This was a great night of music and made it feel like it was summer time all over again. I can’t wait until next time.

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